Msi rx 570 gaming x 4gb elpida


Hello all, if this helps anyone, feel free to use it! MSI Gaming X RX 570 4 GB (Elpida) Modded Undervolt 975mV mcclock cclock BIOS.rom (512 KB)
Both the core clock speed and the memory clock speed are hard coded in the BIOS (1200 and 2100) and it is undervolted to 975 mV. Hpe it helps some of you!


Hi @BeardEnthusiast may I know what hashrate you are getting with this bios? Thanks


I usually get around 30-30.5 mh/s!


@BeardEnthusiast On your VBIOS i Have only 18-20 Mh/s. Why?


hello guys i’d like to share my dual mining setting (eth+dcr). but i don’t really know is this a good result or not… i’m open to any better advise. thanks
my modded bios:
my modded (256 KB)


this one is my setting for eth only. using same bios and set the dcri to 5. open to any advice. thanks


Which driver you have?


Well not all GPU of the same model will have the same setting necessarily. Try this MSI Gaming X RX 570 4 GB (Elpida) Modded Undervolt 975mV BIOS.rom (512 KB) and ajust the both clock speed in afterburner.


Hi BeardEnthusiast. Thanks for the great work. Your bios worked really well for me (29+ M/s) for me except one weird behavior, at the first 5- 10 minutes, it is like 19-21 M/s. Then it will go 29+. The setting is default: 1200/2100. Is this normal and same for your own card?


I have the same clock settings as you! But no, it usually goes straight to 29+ mh/s.


Thanks for the prompt reply. It does not happen all the time. Just last night actually. Hope it has not problem. Anyway, this is a great vbios mod. High hashrate yet low energy consumption. Great work, man!


Thanks a lot mate! Glad to hear it helped you!


do you have to use pixel patcher with that bios or just flash it? i cant seem to get any extra performance no matter which bios i use… Im kinda thinkin maybe i need to use that work around…


If your having issues with your bios., check out for the most extreme GPU bios modifications!


@BeardEnthusiast hey do you decrease core voltage in afterburner as well? thanks


The only effective way to reduce the core voltage is through the GPU’s bios. You can do it using Polaris Bios Editor.


still searching msi gaming rx 570 elpida 4gb mod all this mods didnt worked !!!anybody can share this mod?if its work i will give a tip !!! i promise


Can anyone help us with a mod that reaches the 26.5 Mhs indicated by wthatomine that can perform in ether?


can i use this for hynix?


can i use this for hynix