What stratum to use


What stratum to use? I have 1200 MH/s hashing power.

Do I earn more using this or ethermine?


I have been doing much better here han I was on ethermine, just takes some getting used to not getting a minute by minute balance increase mining many blocks splitting with many miners. Here we get a block every day or 2, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but all averages out to better than ethermine.


I’d probably go by how much you have per rig, although the official recommendation on the main pool pages would put you on the 9B pool depending on which coin you’re mining.

If you have 100 12MH rigs, for example, or even 12 100MH rigs, I’d go with a lower diff pool to even out the work. If you’re running one or two rigs, go with the higher diff pool.

Over time you’ll earn about the same, maybe a bit more here.

But if you want to see revenue roll in hourly/daily on a consistent basis, ethermine is going to be better for you. Since they’re 3500x larger than us (70000GH vs 20GH at the moment on ETH), they find blocks more often and more consistently.

See Welcome to the Pool - An Introductory Message for some more details on how we’re different from the much larger pools.