What should I do in my single card low budget system?


Hello there,

I set up a mining system with a single card, as below,

  • Intel G4400 PENTIUM 3.30GHZ 3MB 1151Pin Processor
  • Corsair Vengeance Lpx 4GB 2400Mhz DDR4 CL16 Memory
  • Gigabyte RX 570 4GB Aurus GDDR5 256Bit Display Card
  • FSP BlueStorm 500W Power Supply

It’s mining Electroneum over the CPU and Ethereum over the GPU that is the most profitable in the short run I think.

However, I would like to stand on alternative coins more,

Can you specify your opinion for coins like Monero, Zcash, Ethereum Classic and Electroneum, or if you have different suggestions please let me know?


Ethereum is the predictably good coin for AMD cards. You can watch Whattomine and see how things change, and shift your mining as often as you want to.

But right now ETH is $1.16/day (before power) for your card. PIRL is $1.12, ETC is $1.07, ZCash is $0.72. If PIRL goes up to $1.18, is it even worth switching over to get that extra 2 cents a day? Maybe not.

For a very small rig I would lean toward a consistent single currency (or two including the CPU). You’re not going to bring in enough coin to make it worth shifting between currencies, probably. I have ten GPUs, soon to be eleven, all on ETH because it’s consistent. Kinda like car insurance, I review quotes every few months but never get enough motivation to leave my current carrier.


You only get 1.16$ a day per a card mining ETH?


That’s what Whattomine estimates. 1100/2000 -200mV and ETH bios mod, 27.9MH/s, 0.0021 ETH/day.

If you can squeeze 32MH out of the card, it’s currently $1.33 (0.0025 ETH/day). Both numbers assume free power.

I’m at about 29.5MH, which is $1.24/day (0.0023 ETH/day)currently.

How much do you make on a single RX 570?


I’m getting 30.3 MH/s (with bios modded) with this card on ETH

I think I’m gonna dig more coins like ETC instead of ETH

Maybe in the long term it helps.



Not sure it will make a difference… same algorithm, and you’ll make less.

I guess if you think ETC will increase in value faster, it might make sense.


I think some people here have a wrong understanding and are mixing terms. 1 RX580 card can ideally achieve a Hashrate of around 30 mh/s which transforms into roughly 1 USD at present exchange rate (see whattomine.com). To calculate your profit you need to decuct your power consumption/cost). That is a given fact. Based on these parameters you can calculate your ROI (return of investment). Hence purchase cost of 1 RX580 at the moment approx 350 usd and a profit of lets say 1 USD per day means a ROI of approx 1 year and only after one year you will be actually earning something…

This based on ETH and of course based on current exchange rates.


This isn’t really responsive or relevant to the original poster’s question.

It’s worth a try. Do let us know how it works out.

If ETC rebounds sooner than ETH, you’ll be ahead, and worst case, you won’t be very far behind.