Thank you!


I’m a rookie miner saying thank you for all of this!!


same there thanks for bios, tutorials and mining tips.


thanks for this site i learn something …


Thanks for this site without it I would be still dealing with random shut downs and hours of troubleshooting.
I have learned something new on each visit. Now why is it that I cant open this website on a mac or any iOS device?


Your quiet bios for the Sapphire RX580 Hynix 8G is just great !!
(RX580 8GB Hynix Memory 31 MHS Less Power.rom). The rig runs now like a dream. Absolute stable with AMD Aug.17 driver.
No core V fluctuations anymore. 31.4MH/s every card @ 90W GPU.
No more Afterburner. No more OverdriveN. Life is a dream.
Thank you again from Thailand