Switching from ETH to Monero (XMR) and getting crappy hashrates


So I recently wanted to switch an entire rack containing 6 Rigs (26 RX570’s & 46 Pulse RX580’s) over to Monero (XMR) but I run into a problem with my hashrates. In ETH I am overclocked and undervolted and can get hashrates of around 28MH/s on the 570’s and >31MH’s on the 580’s with is great. When I change over to XMR with these same settings, using the same roms, my hashrates on the monero blockchain are sub-par in the 400-500 range on the 570’s & in the 600 range on the 580’s. Are there any recommendations on changes that should be made in the my ROM’s to get a hashrate of around 800 h/s on the 570’s and 900 h/s on the 580’s? I have tried to shift the mem & core and it makes very little difference… I can’t even break 750 h/s on the 580’s. Any ideas would be great!


You need to modify the intensities on the monero miners, plus there are 3-4 different miners which all have different hashrates between Cast XMR, claymore miner, XMRstak, etc.


Thanks… I was up all night tinkering with my settings and got the RX580’s to run at 908.9 h/s stable.


For RX 570 you should suppose to get 830 H/s . I used Claymore.CryptoNote.AMD.GPU.Miner.v11.3 and and miningpoolhub.com


I have 6x Sapphire RX580 8gb Nitro on Blockchain driver and Claymore miner. I’m using the same ROM as with ETH. On ETH my cards do 32Mhs. With Monero my Hynix cards are doing 870Hs and Micron cards doing 890Hs. Micron memory seems to works better with CyptonightV7. All cards running around 43c at running 200 Watts less than ETH. I pretty much cranked it up and running stable at 1250/2250 at 875mv. I’m going to try the latest driver to see if it works better. I just switched to XMR recently also so not much time with it so far. My experience so far hasn’t been bad so not much i can suggest, just throwing out my numbers to compare. The only thing I can suggest is testing different drivers and keep messing with the tune.


My sapphires Nitro cards are suprisingly doing the worst compared to my MSI, armor, gaming, Powercolors, xfx cards.
My sapphire cards sit between 860-900, but my MSI Armor 570 and 580 hit 1000H, while only pulling 29 on eth… shocking to me. I had hated those cards cause they pulled more power and less hashs on eth. but on XMR… amazing.
This was using XMR stak, on claymore AMD miner, the armor cards were only hashinh at 880.


How do you set the intensity on Claymore?


Let me know your settings (timings, entries in .bat file) for rx580
Used claymore?
Power consume per card?