State of the Pools 2018-12-01 - Updated 2019-01-21


21 January 2019 update - @Anorak is back and pools are being fixed up. See my post below for updates. May take a while for maintenance and catch-up to be completed, but it’s in the works.

Hi folks, I don’t have much good news for you, but I have a status update on the four mining pools at to help address the questions.

  • ETH: Seems to be working fine.
  • ETC: Payments have been broken since October 21 or so. Mining activity should eventually be valid.
  • PIRL: Payments have been broken since at least November 22. Mining activity should eventually be valid.
  • UBIQ: Pool is not updated for the new fork, so any mining since that fork (two weeks ago?) will be invalid.

None of your moderators have access to the pool servers/software, so these issues can only be resolved by @Anorak himself. I expect he’ll post an update here and in Telegram when any or all of these are addressed.

At this time, if you want timely payouts, mine ETH here. Do not mine UBIQ until you see it updated. Mine ETC and PIRL at your own peril; they should eventually catch up on payments after things are fixed, but there are no guarantees in this status update (see previous paragraph for the reason if it wasn’t utterly obvious).



For what it’s worth, with the upcoming Ethereum “Constantinople” fork in a week or so, there is a good chance the ETH pool will no longer be viable.

If you are one of the 11 miners still mining ETH here, please keep an eye out for an announcement of pool updates from @Anorak. If you do not see an update, you will want to mine elsewhere after the fork happens.


A more official note will be coming soon, but for now I wanted to udpate folks and let you know that @Anorak has returned and has been working on fixing the pools and catching up on payments from any past valid mining.

As you may be aware, the Constantinople fork has been delayed, so ETH should still work, although our current hash rate has us expecting a block every 14-15 days if my math is correct. So don’t put a down payment on that 2020 Tesla Roadster just yet.

I can confirm personally that I received a payout on ETC from my mining on block 7342351 which was mined this morning.

UBIQ should have its maintenance done soon.

PIRL will probably be shutting down due to lack of interest.

Thanks to everyone who’s been patient or at least pretended to be patient. Here’s hoping for lots of mining success in 2019.


Yea, still waiting on some ETC. I saw a few small payments but there is still more owed - I’m looking at the total of the “payments” shown on the pool that are invalid on the blockchain vs. the small transactions that hit my wallet.


Here are the transactions I see on my wallet:

Block Confirmations Timestamp Tx Hash Type Value To / From
7369890 109946 25 Jan 2019, 21:41 0xa4801acb IN 0.084 ether 0xd8859561754c2D85306787a0e0336622ee1E8E8D
7369890 109946 25 Jan 2019, 21:41 0xd2299d40 IN 0.1774 ether 0xd8859561754c2D85306787a0e0336622ee1E8E8D
7369890 109946 25 Jan 2019, 21:41 0xf77a92f6 IN 0.2261 ether 0xd8859561754c2D85306787a0e0336622ee1E8E8D
7369890 109946 25 Jan 2019, 21:41 0xf6897398 IN 0.2802 ether 0xd8859561754c2D85306787a0e0336622ee1E8E8D
7369890 109946 25 Jan 2019, 21:41 0x7ee86eb3 IN 0.2727 ether 0xd8859561754c2D85306787a0e0336622ee1E8E8D

Compared to the transactions on the pool that are missing:

Time Tx ID Amount
12/2/2018, 11:11:30 AM 0x4d38aff04f4fe1441e28b2da48e3cadcb8e3cb4267a41539609e14d1158eccb0 0.82645008
12/1/2018, 12:11:01 PM 0x39aaa9de477e2f2fbe70f901e091b37e91a59997c219b74eaace2582bb80bd09 0.84894215
11/30/2018, 11:55:33 PM 0x100740ef77af143b3a1fe58b437438e2f1220a68f0ecc5af51a21c3df26421b8 0.68515642
11/30/2018, 3:10:09 AM 0x8f547c0e67fbd63dbd866964bdd37535bb7ef03bb3431997937b9f8dd90e5406 0.53762617
11/29/2018, 11:54:51 AM 0xd31c992e7afd87b035873bc2794d599c54b9c6021a909bb4094870582c459c18 0.25455059

So in total, I was owed 3.15272541, I received 1.0404, which means:
I’m still owed 2.11232541

Yea, sure, it might not be much, but, let’s do the right thing here.

ETC Pool payout transactions not being sent