Something wrong with pool


Lately we have had a lot of trouble with the pool.
We get errors like “closed connections, timed out”
At first i thought this was something at our end but then i looked at the miners on the pool and the total hashrate was down on most of them.
We went from nearly 8000 mh/s to around 1500mh/s and if i rebooted some of the machines or rebooted the miner then it would not connect again until just suddenly, sometimes after few hours, sometimes after 3 minutes.
Every time this has happened i have tested some of the rigs to some other pools and then everything works fine.
Now we have been loosing a lot of payouts because of this so we have moved our rigs to another pool and everything works fine.
This is very frustrating because when we started mining here it we could really see the difference in monthly pay.
Hope this will be fixed sometime soon, i could probably come back again…
Best regards.


Similar verification on my end have sadly yielded similar conclusions - in addition to payout amounts not matching promised rewards and transaction IDs which are incorrect. Would you mind disclosing which pool you have joined - As others may be looking for a viable alternative as well. Personally, I used to be with Ethermine and Nanopool and I do not wish to rejoin those particular pools.

I’d like to add that it’s somewhat unfortunate that Anorak has not been taking the opportunity to address these issues and chooses to be silent instead - hard to believe that he may not be aware.


Hi Solurnis
Unfortunatly i went back to exactly those two pools.
I split the miners now just to see if there is a difference in the resault.
So far very similar on those two but almost 20% higher than here as,the situation is now.
Best regards.