[Solved] How to run more than 8 RX580 on Windows 10


Hello guys,

I recently bought 2 extra cards (10 RX580 in total on Asrock H110 Pro BTC+) and I faced this 8 maximum GPUs limitation on Windows 10.

Is there any workaround for it?
I was reading a lot on forums and it seems the only workaround is to mix ATI + Nvidia (maximum 8X ATI + 8X Nvidia per rig on Win10).

In the meantime I switched to SimpleMining OS (Linux), but there I have a huge increase of power consumption (+600W) because before I was lowering the voltage from Trixx, but in the SimpleMining OS I didn’t find an easy solution.



Try new Crimson Driver supports up to 12 GPUs, don’t forget to switch gpu workload to compute in global settings.


Thanks man! I will test it tonight (Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10.3) & come back with updates.


So I tested now the Crimson Driver (download & release notes here)

After you install it you need to:

  1. Go to AMD Settings:


  1. Go to Gaming / Global settings / and for each of your ATI cards set GPU Workload to “Compute”

  1. Reboot & enjoy the mining!


so is this the blockchain driver or the latest from amd? i am asking this, because u have 30 MHs … thank you

p.s. i just saw ur link … htank you!!


Are you doing your OC ( Core downspeed and undervolt ) with Wattman or an other software ?

I have 8 x RX580 with blockchain driver but experience random freez. I need to downcrease Core speed to have stability and use Wattman to do it but it randomly crashes and set default value again ( 1366 Mhz on my Armor OC ) then the PC freez after minutes/hours…



i am curious how you managed to get 30 MHs with latest amd drivers. i installed today the official drivers and have sapphire rx 580 nitro + special editon 8gb (the blue card) with hynix memory.



Recently I started having problems (same as you, when I start the software it makes the basic test and freezes) with the MSI cards (RX580 Gaming 8GB Hynix) and I had to even remove one until I solve the problem. The other ones ASUS and Sapphire work perfectly.
I am still investigating this, but in the meantime I rolled back to the original BIOS.


Those blue ones are a bit strange. I don’t have them. I only have the normal Nitro+ from Sapphire (4 & 8GB).
I didn’t make any special modifications, just the bios from Anorak.


The latest. The blockchain driver doesn’t support 10 GPUs.



thank you! I will reinstall drivers tomorrow and report back. Maybe that is the case for me with driver crashing …

Thank you.


Hey Heki! What was the outcome?


Hey thanks, my cards were already OC but give still 23.5 MHz. Afther i changed from graphics to compute, i got 30.4. Nice


I haven’t tested yet. Waiting for new graphics to arrive. I am not touching the workings one :smiley: I will have them on tuesday i believe.



i tried this and it sux. My cards didnt want to go over 25.5MHs … they were in compute mode and it suxed. With blockchain i get 29.3 mhs. is there anything else i have to do to get it working?



What cards you have?


I tried this in sapphire rx 580 8gb special edition and on him rx470 4gb. no effect whatsoever.


Anyone can tell me how to change CC MC and undervolt ?

MSI dont work, overdriveN not work…

I did not know that the instructions for 9 gpu are on this forum, so I opened up a new topic with my trouble…