Site & pools offline for 48 hours - why?!?


Dear Anorak, I hope this posting finds you well,

Glad to see that the site is “online” again and that mining pools have unassumingly resumed.

I like many others do not appreciate seeing my mining efforts go to waste for days on end without even a polite “heads up” as not a peep from you could be found on Twitter, Facebook or other communication channels at your disposal.

I cannot imagine why you would stay silent during this time and just relaunch as though nothing had happened and to state that I find this “disrespectful” is an understatement; truthfully, I thought that maybe you had a heart attack or got hit by a bus which would help explain the silent treatment we’ve been experiencing and the failing of the site and services altogether.

Looking back at the beginning:
There was once an opportunity here to have something truly special, transparent and community driven - instead - we have another [seemingly] mediocre service, shrouded in secrecy, with strange occurrences where checks and balances fail and communication is on a need to know basis - which is NEVER since June 2018.

Offering a mining pools is the same as offering a financial service - this requires trust, reliability which in turn breeds loyalty; Like many others, I have pledged important sums of money, time and efforts to my rigs and when I trustingly put those rigs to work on your mining portal and watch it fail in more ways than I care to explain, it’s disheartening - plain & simple - nonetheless, what pisses me off the most is the silent arrogance towards us miners, whom are not deserving of some warning(s) and/or explanation(s) as to what is going on either before or after some catastrophe has affected the site, pools, pplns algo, etc.

Struggles getting your mining pool running perfectly is understandable and forgivable, but your piss poor manners in terms of lack of communications is not.

That is why, I am out



1st of all , this is a free comunity so everyone are free to stay or go out , 2nd , your opinion is not so important :slight_smile: so from my side , gtfo


Hello Patricio De Vega from Buenos Aires (not Madrid),

Your opinion matters even less considering that everything you say is bullshit. You see Gladys, (yes GLADYS!) explained that she owns the computer shop that you claim to be the owner of - a store she founded thanks to her daddy’s money and further more she was very quick to explain that she operates a print shop and not a computer store, since she only has one computer. Gladys is such a nice lady, and told me that she could make pretty designs and prints on paper, cardboard and coffee mugs too. I also asked her if you were in Madrid - she laughed and said that you were just a poor boy from the slums of Buenos Aires and that any claim you have of owning anything more than your flip-flops is a lie; she was very quick to explain that you have very poor self-esteem and thus fighting with people on the internet was your favorite pastime when your not begging for pesos to go drink. She laughed so hard when I told her about your 96 GPU mining farm telling me that she just gave you a few pesos to buy a new shirt on your way to find a job - because without a job your just a mean drunk that hits women because you’re an angry coward - And that my friend, is Gladys’ opinion of you :wink:

I forgot to mention that Gladys explained that you are a “hardware developer” if that means that you carry cases of product from the truck to the store front and stock the shelves, otherwise, you have no formal education whatsoever but you do have a good heart (when your not too drunk).

Also, she kindly asked me to take it easy on you because your tiny ego may otherwise break. You are a very luck boy she cares for you this much because if it was up to her father, you would be out on the streets with the dogs.

Have a nice day printing pretty designs on toilet paper sir :wink:



I haven’t been around for quite some time, BUT I read these and I just had to say it had me laughing my ass off. I just felt the need to share that with everyone…especially after reading “printing pretty designs on toilet paper”.