Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 8GB Micron



I need memshift bios for Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 8GB with Micron memory! Can you make one?

Thank you!


I also need a modded bios for my Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 4GB with hynix and samsung memory


Do you have a backup of your rom?


Yes I have back up of my def bios


Would you mind to upload your backup to the forums then? :blush:


sapphire_rx_570_nitro _8gb_micron.rom (256 KB)


Sapphire RX 570 Nitro(plus) 8GB Samsung Micron



What about version with 4GB?


Hello can u please tell me how mutch haserate u do with microm 8gb?


hello do u test it? hou match hasrate u du?
at what gpu/ memory


No, Im not test it yet. When I have result, i will post.


ok…i have modded the bios myself with the 1750 strap and i get 28.2mh…does this bios get any further or is this the limit of micron chip…

damn i can get samsung to 31 stable but this micron chips sux…


28,2mh/s is fairly good! I think you hit the limit around that. Maybe some squeeze more witch custom timings.


well in my country there is hard to get rx gpus…they are sold as quick as they get in stores…gotta get me some sapphire rx 570 pulse edition…they can go till 30+mh/s


This origin rom from atiflash saved. 512k
please mod (nitro+ 570 8Gb Micron)
bios570silent xin.rom (512 KB)


ok got it stable at 28.8+ (3 days running)…at 29+ i get bad shares…i still think it can go higher :wink:

i cant wait to get my hands on pulse 570 itx as it can go 30+ on 200$ :wink:


28.8 Mh/s, What settings?
GPU Clock, Memory Clock, GPU Voltage


28.2 is the most stable i can get to…28.8 was unstable after some time :wink:

core: 1340
mem: 2000

gpuz shows 135w

im waiting for rx 580 pulse that i ordered…hope there is samsung memory…got rx 480 with samsung running 31mh/s



I have flashed all bios form the collection on this forum for my card.
I have sapphire nitro rx 570 8gb micron. I cant get past 23 mhs with these modded bioses.
Even tried to mod straps myself and the result is the same
Dont know what to do.
Anybody got some advice?



i do 29.2
2100 80w…