Sapphire Nitro+ With Micron HELP!


I have a Sapphire Nitro+ as title states. GPUZ is reporting that it has Micron memory however I cannot find a bios for this card with micron mem.

I see there is a Samsung specific BIOS and one that says Hynix and Samsung, I assume which can be used with both. A bios for micron isn’t listed at all and I’ve searched but couldn’t find any info on what to do.

Do I use the BIOS for Hynix/Samsung or am I just not finding a Micron bios somehow?

Please and Thx for the help!!


Give me original rom :smiley: !


Him is this an rx570 ? I have the same problems with the same problems


Of the four Nitro+ cards I got only one has Samsung RAM. I installed the corresponding BIOS and it worked like a champ @30.5mh.

This is the BIOS from the other three cards that have the Micron Mem. They are performing surprisingly well at around 27mh stock, but 30+ would obviously be better!

If you can make it happen it would really be appreciated!!



No these are Nitro+ 580 8GB models bought from newegg in the last two weeks. 3/4 came with Micron the other Samsung.


Don’t know what happened but BIOS didnt attach…

Here’s the original Nitro+ with micron MEM BIOS:

Stock_Nitro+_MicronMEM_Bios (256 KB)


I’ve maid a whole bunch of different BIOS’es for you m8.
Just give them a try and fine the best one for your GPU :wink:

Set your fans in AfterBurner and if the 1150 CoreClock + 2100 MemoryClock are too high you can also put them lower a little bit in AfterBurner.
Don’t touch core voltage or PowerLimit :wink:

SapphireNitro (991.0 KB)