Rx570 sapphire nitro+ 4gb gpu memory problem


noticed that one of the cards in 6 cards rig downclocks gpu memory to 300MHz almost instantly when claymore is run (no matter whether defaults or overclocked). I tried already different drivers (originally crimson blockchain driver) with original flash and one with timers changed, also riser changed to one confirmed to be working fine. Found already similar problem here:

“try plugging hdmi into system with power off to reset card had sam problem”

I understand rig should be powered off and then just HDMI cable connected to monitor should be plugged in and out - if so that does not seem to work as well. Anyone had similar issue? Could it be something with a card itself?

P.S. connected HDMI cable to the card directly to run system on it (that was rig running the faulty card only) but looks like screen cannot be rendered properly and hangs.