Proxy configuration


hi, iam thinking about to mining with nicehash about 10GH/S, should i use 8009 proxy?or there is another proxy?



Mail them :slight_smile:


You’re fine with 8009.

If you’re planning to mine consistently for a month or more at that rate, reach out to office@ to ask for a higher diff pool, but you should be fine if it’s short-term or intermittent mining.


iam excatly planning for that,now my average hash rate is 5Gh/s, using nicehash hash power + my mining, i sent email before they didnt respond me yet, thats why i created a topic, hope to repond to me :slight_smile:


Let us know how it goes…if we land more than 3 blocks today, I’d say that it was worth it :grin:


You can just use the 9b port with 10ghs. :+1:


what about 20GH/s or higher? :slight_smile:


I’d say give it a shot… when you get it going sustained, if you’re seeing issues, @Anorak can work with you on a dedicated pool. :slight_smile:


Thank you gallifreyan