Powercolor rx 470 red devil 4gb elpida (original bios restore)


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I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card.

Model:RX 470 Red Devil
Memory size:4GB
Memory manufacturer:Elpida
Custom settings:


Original rom upload:

Need help with restoring original bios on card…
Problem - after flashing original bios gets error 43…whats wrong?

I tried stock bios and bios from anorak…stil 43…

P.S: I need to restore stock but not using the atikmdag patcher…so win10 could see it clear


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i have these cards but 570, should be pretty much the same, have u got original bios backed up?


i see, never had error 43, was using ati winflash, if u didnt back up your original bios try getting 1 from amd site, if they dont do that try somwhere else, it sounds like its corrupt


if u want my original bios for amd 570 powercolor red devil let me know