Planning to Add Another RIG


I’m already mining ethereum using RX 570, and planning to add another RIG as price significantly fallen also there may be POS and ASIC news around ethereum, So what is the best graphic card & best coin to mine right now?

Suggestion Appreciated…!!


This is a pretty complicated question.

I would personally lean toward Ethereum on the cheaper of the RX 570 / RX 580 that you could find, but a lot of it depends on your preferences, whether you expect POW->POS to happen in the next year, and whether you’re looking at ETH forks like ETC.

I’ve seen 8GB RX 580s used going for US$300ish, when the same size RX 570 was $350+. So your mileage may vary. And others may have other feedback.


Depends on your expectations. at present using RX580 cards (mining ETH) 1 card would give you a revenue of around 1 USD per card (for profit deduct power costs) and to get an indication I suggest looking at

This means a ROI per card at 350 USD purchase price per card will be around 1 year and only after that you will be making some profit. There are some unpredictable variables like ETH going up or down, how long your GPUs will last, electricity costs in your area, government regulations of cryptocurrencies, difficulty level, fork of cryptocurrency, etc.