Not right hashrate


Hi all.
I have made some tests with only two rigs on the Anorak pool.
My miner is telling me that i have 384mh/s on one rig and 359mh/s on the other so together it is 743mh/s.
If i mine on nanopool i get an average of 740.
If i mine on Ethermine i get average of 735.
Here i have had maximum 719mh/s average.
Same rigs, same miner.
Any idea why this is?


Did you compare number of submitted shares?
Without the above there is nothing to talk about, just wondering.


Why should that make a difference in how much hashrate i have?
I would think that if i make 500mh/s and i mine on three different servers and two of them say that i am mining at 500mh/s and one is saying that i am only doing 400mh/s then something is not calculating right on that one server.
Am i missing something here?


Yes, you are. Effective hashrate is heavily influenced by stale and invalid hashes.
What are your pings, did you see any lags, does your logs show aany stales/invalids, are your rigs crashing more lately? Maybe you are using ssl connection the pool, which may be the cause of higher latency between your miners and servers.
There are some possibilities to choose from.


Hi Thous.
Nothing changes.
I test mining here, see the resaults and then switchs to nanopool or something else and i always get higher hashrate if i switch to another server.
My miner is always giving me the same number and stays the same.
No chrashes or any problems and no stale or errors no matter where i mine.
So i was just wondering what could be the cause.


It’s nothing wrong with the pool. The hashrate displayed on the pool is calculated based on the number of VALID shares that you submit. The number of shares you find is totally based on luck - sometimes you’re lucky, and sometimes you’re not. If you keep mining you’ll see times where your 30 minute effective hashrate is significantly above your miner’s hashrate, and other times where it’s significantly below. However, over time it’ll average out.

How long did you let it run? Let it go non-stop for 24 hours and see what the pool says for your 24 hour average hashrate.


you’ll need to do what @puithove states to get a comparable result…