MSI RX 580 Armor OC 8GB Hynix


I tried 1200Mhz and 2250 with cvddc 950 and its workink 31-31,5 mh/s


Good. Glad to help. Any questions just ask


To high on memory don’t push that Much
Use core 1200 memory 2150
Core voltage 850 memory voltage 875 you should be easily 31
On claymore use -dcri 6 and -ethi 18


I tried core 1200 and mem 2150 and the hash rate only 29,8Mh/s
c1200 m2200 30,5Mh/s
c1200 m2225 31 Mh/s
c1200 m 2250 31,4Mh/s

The core voltage 850 and mem 875 is working fine.
Claymore 11.2 -dcri 6 -ethi 18


Did you restart sometimes after applying settings you may have to restart pc for settings to stick


yes i restart of course


I am not modified bios and i have micron memory


If you haven’t modified bios then that’s great hash you should mod your timing for better perfomance


you bios is hynix? thank


you bios is hynix? thank.


Any chance you have a bios for the MSI ARMOR RX570 4GB SAMSUNG gpu? can not find anything anywhere… driving me nuts…


Just post you OG bios here and I or someone will get to it.


Can you upload the Bios whic you use?


I use the card factory default bios. I didnt modified bios.


If you have this same card @zdinki then use my modded above but if not then just upload your OG bios and I or someone will get it modded.



i have MSI RX580 8go Armor OC , i see in first bios, 3 models : Samsung,Hynix&Micron . But in Gpuz i see : GDDR5 (Hynix) .

i have Hynix, or multiple ? ;p

Pictures :

thx for help,


@Touns . You got Vram hynix.


Here it is mod bios MSI580 Armor 8gb hynix 31.4mh
ATIFlash (3.5 MB)


Thank you so much for sharing, it gives a pretty good result.


Thanks for your Mod. Good job