MSI RX 570 GamingX 4GB - Hynix


I hope in custom memory strip for hynix.
Somebody make little change on 1425 (+ other custom GPU&MEM clock, Undervolt) and have really good results (now i cant find link), unfortunately he didn’t want to share strap/bios.
He has results: 29,7 MH ETH and 500MH SIA per card in dual and ~950W on the wall (rig with 7 x MSI rx 570 gaming X 4G Hynix).


Seconded, I would love one for this card. Thanks!


Need this as well. Please! Getting only 24 Mhz with strap change.


I managed to get 27-28MH/s by copying memory straps up but if I don’t use the Pixel Clock patch, the machine doesnt recognize my cards. The patch unfortunately causes my miner to crash but I have 4 other cards that are RX 580s and I have no problem chaning their BIOS without the patch so how come this one card won’t let me? Any ideas?


Bump. Anyone have luck finding a bios for these cards?


Just try my mod from another topic: Msi rx 570 gaming x 4gb elpida
It should be ok.


This guranteed to work on Hynix variant?


I tried the elpida bios and it worked bad. I’m working on mine and will post when i got good results (like 25-26mh/s) by the way mine is hynix memory
Thank you


any luck ozi?
thank you for the help


Managed to get mine (Hynix) at 27.5mhs changing memory strap and OC at 2000mhz


not bad! what was your strap mod? did you use a mem shift also? Plz share! I made one using 1500 straps. 25ish, but pulling 130-140 watts (just on card measurement)! too darn hot.


I can help with those cards.
Add me on skype: bijac666

You need to undervolt the cards right in windows to get the optimum of them, per 6 card rig dual mining eth at 28MH/s + and decred you should get around 850W power draw from wall (95W per card showing on gpuz)


Can you upload your bios please ?


Please share the bios for RX570 Gaming X, really appreciated!!!


A friend of mine got 29.5mh/s with this mod using EthOS. It has hard coded into it memory of 2100 mhz and core of 1350 mhz, and has been modified to have the uber timing straps.
MSI-rx570-gamingX-4gb-hynix-modified.rom (512 KB)


Can you post your bios?


This one’s very good!

Your friend has done an excellent job!


Great bios, low wattage usage. If you had problem with radeon-graphics-error-43-on-windows-10, check this URL


i agree. happy to report 29.7 (-150mv) with MSI-rx570-gamingX-4gb-hynix-modified.rom. thanks.


greyphilosophy mod work fine.