Msi rx 570 gaming x 4gb elpida


I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card.

Brand: MSI
Model: RX 570
Memory size: 4 GB
Memory manufacturer: ELPIDA
Custom settings: IT CAN FOR MINING 28-29 MHS, RIGHT NOW IS 22 MHS

Sidenotes: i dont know if possible using Sapphire RX 570 4GB for this MSI or MSI RX 580 4 GB for this, please help for the moded bios

Original rom upload:msirx570gaming0.rom (512 KB)

MSI RX 570 GamingX 4GB - Hynix

Hi. Here you are, hope it works:
Shados_msirx570gamingX_memshift_1625.rom (512 KB)
Shados_msirx570gamingX_memshift_1750.rom (512 KB)

If it’s ok, you can send tip in ETH for me: 0x85f045cddfd3a12231c5b2868399b29e1800ff68


hi shaod thank you very much for the sharing later after i flash if works i definitely give you some tip,


and now i facing another trouble that is i have 2 GPU
gpu 0 is rx 580 gaming x 8 gb
gpu 1 is rx 570 gaming x 4 gb

and driver gpu 1 right now can’t be use, the error code is 43

i already uninstall using DDU in safe mode (fail)
i already using mixing driver method (fail)
i already using rx 580 is v 17 and rx 570 is v 16 crimson relive driver (fail)

anyone can help me ?


after i try from the original 22-23mhs right now
1750 21–22 mhs
1650 20-21 mhs


@mantoxie You have to appy Pixel Clock Patcher, take a look at this article:


i am using ethos right now


I have this card also and best straps are 1500


how much mh/s do you got ?
and what is the memclock and coreclock ?


i already do, and the result only 22 mhs from the original got 25 mhs


Try this one:

Shados_msirx570gamingX_memshift_1500.rom (512 KB)


Same only 24mhs, also already patch using the patcher


Now you should find suitable cvdcc and mvdcc as well as your memory and core clocks.


Dual mining gives me 26.8 mhs on ETH and 805 on DCR at 1140/1980 (Depending of the card has to be lowered to 1950 or 1920)


May u share ur vbios to me ?


if u achieved 28 mH/s could u please share your bios ?


As I have at 27 however some error was detected in 24hr


Take a look at the top of the thread. your hashrare will depend on overlocking and undervoltage parameters and various other factors like card quality, as you can see, for @piiz -cvddc is about 900 mv, cclock 1075 and mclock is 1900.


I can guide you how to get more than 28 MH/s, add me on skype: bijac666


I have my gaming x 570 4gb Elpida running at 27.5 with the Block chain driver.