MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 4G OC


Yes, my riser 16x-16x was broken or something was wrong with it, after change to raiser 1x-16x everything works perfect. Dałem radę :stuck_out_tongue:


Which version of driver for your modded?


I heard we need to play with the MAX POWER LIMIT which is 120W by default. Since I modified this to 100W my two cards are running at 100W each. I played with the mv core and the wattage from afterburner was still 119W at dual mining. Now it read 99-100W after changed the MAX POWER LIMIT. My two RX 470 gigabytes are running at 85W dual mining but my UPS says the system is running @ 450W!! My RX 570 MSI Armor X rig runs @ around 260-270W… that is perfect!


Hi guys,

I have the MSI RX 570 Armor 4G OC 5E2 with Elpedia memory.
I only get 24MH/s using 1140/2000 and +15 power.

Power in use is 137.

Any advice to get higher MH/s?

Also with my model there is no custom BIOS available correct?



Overclock rom spent 150watt per card, it’s ok?


Hi guys,

Some advice please.

I flashed my card with: Anoraks_MSI RX570 4GB ARMOR Hynix+Elpida_overclock.rom221 (256 KB)
The file name is: Anoraks_MSI RX570 4GB ARMOR Hynix_powersave.rom

Strange as I would think the name should be something like MSI RX570 4GB ARMOR Hynix Elpida_powersave.rom

After flashing Windows told me the card is not working properly and when I check AtiWinFlash the card displays as: Polaris 10 instead of Radeon RX 570 series.

I have also tried this ROM: Anoraks_MSI RX 570 4GB ARMOR Hynix Elpida_memshift-1750.rom

The same happens - Polaris 10 in AtiWinFlash and Windows say the card is not working properly.

Reverting back to the stock ROM works fine.

My card:MSI RX 570 Armor 4G OC 5E2 with Elpedia memory.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks all


Please try


That fixed the issue thank you.
Getting 27MH/s and power is down from 137 to 112w :slight_smile:


Which rom did you use now? I still 137watt with overclock rom.


I use the powersave ROM


I h4ckii,

Can you share your modded bios ? It is for MSI RX 570 Armor 4G (5E2 versions) right?
We are trying to mod them but now way to get your results, hashrate is ok but power stucks at 200w… :sweat:


I used this BIOS:

My card:MSI RX 570 Armor 4G OC 5E2 with Elpedia memory.

Crimson 17.6.2

1140/2000 and +15 power.

Getting 27MH/s and power 112w


Thanks for the answer, i will try soon



Did you really flash your 5E2 with this 5E1 bios that you share ?!

Also are you turning the 1150 and 2000 using MSI afterburner or else or un the vbios ?


Yes I did use the 5E1 BIOS on my 5E2 card.
I also use Afterburner to change to 1140/2000 and +15 power.


I thought I’d chime in here. I used the same hynix powersave rom.

My card:MSI RX 570 Armor 4G OC 5E1 with Hynix memory.

Crimson 17.7.1

1140/2000, +25 power, and +25 core voltage.

Getting 27MH/s and power 111w

When I tried to run only +15 power my card was unstable and would crash after 10 minutes. Right now using the settings above I am stable at 27MH/s @ 111 watts at the gpu


I tried your parameters but i get 112w on MSI so this is 200-210 on the wall.

So either you are speaking about 112w on MSI either their is something different. I don’t see how you can put +15 max power and get lower power.

Actually i get 26.9mh/s with 5E2 using 1075/1900 and with 180W at the wall (GPU core and chip)


Correct 112w on MSI, not at the wall.


Im really happy with the powersave roms.

The one im using is:
Anoraks_MSI RX570 4GB ARMOR Hynix_powersave.rom575 (256 KB)

Current tempt dropped from: 72c to 64c
Watt dropped from: 110 to 92

Hashrate has shown on Nicehash gave around: 24MH/s from 19MH/s-21MH/s
What i love the most about this rom is i never hear the fan noise ever again, is it bad? The fact that it suddenly went so quiet got my worried.

The question is, can i get more MH/s? im greedy here seeing that people could achieve 27MH to 28MH


By the way, what does memshift BIOS do?