MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 4G OC


This card needs a BIOS hotfix, there’s something fundamentally wrong with it on mining (it works great with gaming/etc).

I can get to 85w (on GPU-z) on pretty much any other card but this one, I’ve been using this with 1150/2100 (30 MH/S) but this one can’t go above 1100/1900 while using 100w at 27 MH/S. I’ve managed to get this one to 31 MH/s which is pretty good but the power consumption was 140w.

I have tried undervolting this card but it would just crash at less than 900mv while getting about high 130s.

What I know so far: This card comes “overclocked” if there was a bios who reversed the factory OC and made it so it works as a regular card, the power consumption would go away with good hashrates.

I have tried Elpida’s XFX RX 570s power save rom and it had very very low consumption on this card but it wouldn’t go above 20 MH/s.

Shared all I know, maybe someone can take it over from here as far as I know.


@MrCryptoMan wattage? I’ve done this too.


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What memory is this brother?


Where are the SAMSUNG bios’s? I could really use one! Anyone?


You ever find out what memory that was for? Do you have a rom for Samsung MSI Rx570 ARMOR OC 4GB?


this is only for hynix? not for elpidia?


The overclock.rom made my elpida card not recognizeable. Had to revert.


any definitive 5E2 bios around? I flashed one and now am having troubles at boot… even if I use E1 powersave from Anorak… any conservative E2 bios so I can at least boot 3 cards with one PSU? (they booted before)


Good day, I’ve tried flashing the all the VBIOS here in AtiFlash but it says Subsystem ID mismatch. Please help. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I have a 7 card rig drawing 880watt from wall
4x rog strix and 3x armor cards…
Hashing with 207 mhs.

So 110watt for 1 card is actually quite good when hashing with 30 mhs !

My friend has 7 card rig with sapphire nitro’s and he is pulling 950watt… and he is hashing with 210 mhs


my 110 was from the GPU-Z, not from the wall calculation. from the wall it’s probably around 140-150.

But that is low from the wall at 880 watts, my 7 card rig was puling 980 from the wall and pushing the same hashrate as you. But my rig is a frankenstein of armor, red dragons, gaming X, XFX and ROG strix.

That’s strange on your friend’s nitro+, my nitros definitely run at lower wattage (not by much) with bios mods. Though definitively not worth the additional price per card.

With the new Phoenix and claymore miners, the differences in hash rates are starting to tighten up. my MSI cards are all above 30 now with my sapphires running at 32.


You’re a life saver. Thanks for taking the time to post this, saved me a lot of time looking for this exact rom.


Hi, here it is biosMSI Radeon RX570 ARMOR 4G 30+Mhs

MSIRX570ARMOR29 (3.5 MB)


original rom or not ?


1150 2100 Core voltage -100 (-cvddc 900)


Here it is mod bios MSI Radeon RX570 4G ARMOR 30.7Mhs
ATIFlash (3.5 MB)


1268 core clock and 65288 mV core ?! its 180w almost TDP . LOL
2 of my 25 rigs are with 570 msi 4G , Hynix + Elpida , they run at 28.6 mhs , 0 errors and 52ºC and 124w TDP .


Also what you posted contains shitty timmings of PBE 1.7.1 .


Here is your sh!t bios :smiley: 1 gpu is yours and 2nd is mine .

Yours more than 61ºC Mine is @ 52-54ºC
Yours 119w TDP Mine 94w TDP
Yours 24,8 mh/s Mine 28.4 mhs , so please , stop posting kk bios without experience in this domain :smiley: