MSI Gaming X RX570 4G Elpida - Need modded BIOS



I don’t know if this is the right section, but I need someone to mod my original BIOS or help me because it seems as if I’m doing something wrong. :smiley:
Everything is still stock, I didn’t overclock or something like that. I’ve got two MSI Gaming X RX570 4G, for one the BIOS mod with Memshift works (1500->1625,1750,2000) at least a bit, it makes about 24-26 MH/s now. The other one had lower hashrates after modding the BIOS so I flashed the original BIOS back on it.

I’m a complete newbie in modding GPU BIOS and I would really appreciate your help. :smiley:msirx570gaming0.rom (512 KB)


I have the same cards, also Elpida memory, and i’ve been struggling to get them do more than 25MH/s.
I’ve been running them with the same overclocks on both cards, so i might actually be limiting the better one because of that. ASIC quality on 1gpu is 63.5% and the other 68.2% according to GPU-Z.

I’m currently doing 1075/2000 with -96mV via MSI AB @24.65MH/s each. Wattage i’m not exactly sure, AB reports 75watt, so probably around 100 each, and around 63-67 degrees Celsius most of the time.

I’ve been trying some things with memory, tried copying the 1:1500 up but that basicly halved my speeds. I put those back to default. I did copy 2:1500 up and since then i’ve gone from stock 20ish to 24ish. In my latest mod i only copied the 2:1750 to 2:2000, this got me another MH/s. I can do exactly 25MH/s with this, but then i’d have the core up at 1300 or 1350 or so, it’s not worth the extra power use (electricity here is 0,22USD/kwh :cry:). I expected more from these cards.

Brand: MSI
Model: RX 570 Gaming X
Memory size: 4GB
Memory manufacturer: Elpida
Original rom upload:
msirx570gaming0.rom (512 KB)
Personally modded rom upload:
msi_rx570_gaming-x_modded_bios_new2.rom (512 KB)

I’ve been struggling to understand the undervolting via Claymore’s parameters for both core and mem. Tried changing those and had an instant BSOD :slight_smile: If you or anyone else for that matter has advice on that would also be great.


Been looking at this thread. Getting 26MH/s on the cards with this and stock core, 1950 mem, stock volts and powertune.


I am using that BIOS from Shados too - 1500 straps. 26-27 mhs with 1120 core, 7800 mem, -96v settings.


tuned it a little bit:
28 mhs 1150/7900/-148 single mining 120W from wall 1 card
27,7 mhs 1150/7900/-96 dual mining decred 720 mhs 155W from wall 1 card
goona try 1425 straps soon



i took 1500 bios from shados too and i rest 24mh/s
What is 7900 ? it is memory clock mhz ?


Hi Jojo,
i believe with 7900 mem speed you have to divide by 4, which results in 1975 to set in MSI Afterburner or similar overclock tool


Hi JvZ, i try with 1975 mem clock, 1150 core, and -96 and it’s the same around 24mhs


Managed to get ~25.6 with 93.5W (max) from the wall.


Is there a friend who will share the best bios for this video card thanx


msirx570gamingX_memshift_1500Mem2000.rom (512 KB)
I am currently using these bios. This has gotten me to 29MH/s.
They are 1500 mem shifted but I also set the mem clock to 2000. I haven’t tinkered more to reduce power usage further though.

Also be sure to use the latest AMD driver that was meant for mining (performance isn’t suppose to degrade with DAG size increases).

Lastly if you are using Claymore manipulate the -dcri to find the optimal setting for your rig.
When I am solo mining eth its usually around 9 but for dual mining you need to find a balance between the currencies.

Hope this helps


I am getting 27mgh with this, its the best mgh rate so far for me ty to u :stuck_out_tongue: my clock is set to 1080/2000, how much u set for clock rate?


Thanks for the driver link. That improved my hashrates and for some reason dropped the power consumption values too. Feels good to improve from stock 21.5 to 28.2 on Gaming X and 27.8 on Armor OC @ 100w per gpu. (powersave mod with 1500 memshift and 1950 memory clocks).

I did notice few hundreds of memory errors reported on HWInfo. I am going to try out mining for the night and report back.

The only sad part is afterburner sliders for memory/gpu clocks are disabled.

EDIT: Afterburner 4.4 beta 16 works with the new drivers. Time for more tuning.

EDIT2: Higher clocks have more memory errors. Reduced it back to 1075/1950 range. Gets ~28 Mh/s now. I was hoping to get a 29 there but seems like a lot of effort.


Would you mind telling me what your clock and power settings are set to? Also have you enabled unofficial overclocking?



You can add me to skype: bijac666

I can help you get the optimum out of your cards, around 30 MH/s with very low power draw and dual mining


where do you shift the memory? in the bios or afterburner?


It can be achieved only through a BIOS mod. basically you apply the memory timings for 1500 Mhz to higher clocks. Stock settings would have loose timings for higher clocks.


Hello jprocha,

Can you post the modded bios you’re using?

Thank you


it only give me error after i install the driver help pls


With the AMD blockchain drivers beta
I was getting about 22 MH/s @ ~82 Watts

After using this mod I am getting about
~28 MH/s @ ~90 Watts

Going to test this overnight and see if it is stable