Monero V8 impact on mining


What’s your take on the state of Monero mining with the V8 fork?

I note that difficulty dropped.

My Vega 64 went from 2048 H/s to 1823 H/s but I haven’t tuned it since. Suggested speed is 1980 H/s according to this reddit.

How is your experience with other cards. Does it change what you mine on say RX 4xx or 5xx series cards?


what miner are you using ?. all my 470 570 and one 580 stayed about the same but IVE Heard the Same thing from others what’s your software miner ? . to me these are the best two to use .

one might be better then the other but one has less fee then the other one so it about even outs .


I use xmrig-amd in Windows. Don’t recall what I have for Linux but haven’t mined Monero on it for a while.

Thanks for sharing number on the 4x and 5x cards. Also Monero seems way more profitable than eth at the moment.

Unfortunately my bios that work well with eth crash with Monero so it’s a tedious process to move the rig back and forth as it includes flashing bios every time.