Is there a reason that the site seem to only work with internet explorer/edge


I cannot access with chrome on windows and not at all on my mac, iPhone or ipad. What am I missing?


Clear your cookies and so forth? I have pretty much only used the site with Chrome on Windows 10, IOS 10, IOS 11, Android 8.1 for a couple months now. Other than the pool site being slow sometimes (it’s being worked on), I’ve had no issues.


Thanks for the reply.
Of course I try it again on my iPhone and it works. I seriously tried at least 40 times on 10 different devices. Just thought of something as I was typing this, I was on a iOS beta on all devices perhaps that was the issue.


So i just tried on my IOS 11 iPhone 7, and a post I had in my browser history didn’t come up, but others did.

I’ve never run IOS betas, but I could imagine something quirky happening there. Good luck.