I'll give it a try


I pointed 55 Mh/s at the pool and will give i a shot at least for a bit while the fees are 0%


you ll mine for Nothing then, cause with 0,5 eth you should mine 4 months to be paid :slight_smile:


I saw that and went back to Ethermine with my 90 Mh/s. When I first saw the payout I thought it was .05 and not .5 I only lost an hour and might come back if they lower the payout to be aligned with most of the other pools.


Just a outdated frontend. The actual payout is at 0.05 ETH. I’ll consider to lower it even more. But lets see how it goes for now.

I updated the frontend to show the actual payout value. :+1:


Almost 20 hours and we have NOT been got any block yet.


Now the front end says Payout threshold: 0.0005 Ether, which is it?


Oh, I didn’t update here, just at Twitter.

I reduced the payouts to 0.0005 ETH. But yes, we have not found a block yet.
Notice that with the current pool hashrate and net difficulty, we are likely to find a block within the next few hours. :slight_smile:


Hello from Ukraine!
I’ll try to work with you.
My rig 147 Mh/s


Welcome! We have a robust community so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Telegram chat is a good resource too:


Ok. Thanks! I already like it here :slight_smile: