[GUIDE] 6 GPU RIG on Asus H270 Prime & G4560 (Win10)


Ok guys I lost a lot of time and effort to make this work, so I will post this quick guide for others.

First of all it seems that the cpu-mobo is a good combo, nice price nice availability and more than enough cpu power for the task.

Here we go:

Step 1: install all hardware but just 1 GPU

Step 2: plug monitor on intel I-gpu, keyboard, mouse and lan

Step3: boot to bios and update bios via internet

Step 4. Install Windows 10

Step 5. Let windows auto-install GPU, then install 17.5.2 (tested and working) or any other amd driver you want to test. If you have modded GPU bios patch drivers now.

Step 6. Reboot into Bios. Advanced Settings --> System Agent (SA) configuration–>Above 4g Decoding = Enabled. DO NOT change anything ELSE. Do not set PCI-e to GEN1 or GEN2, it must be at AUTO!

Step 7. Save bios settings, DO NOT let the PC reboot , Shutdown as soon as screen goes black and fans spin down.

Step 8. install the rest of your GPU’s (+5 for 6 GPU rig). Make sure all connections are good and secure.

Step 9. Boot to windows, give windows some time maybe 15 minutes will be enough. Windows will slowly recognize all GPU’s. Check your Device Manager to see Progress.

Step 10. You are good to go!

Take note that if you want to boot into windows with less than 4 GPU you must first go into bios and set Above 4g Decoding = Disabled, then shutdown disconnect GPU’s and boot into windows. To boot again with all GPU’s go into bios and set Above 4g Decoding = Enabled, then shutdown connect all GPU’s and boot into windows.

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Are you using 480s or 580s? Thanks!


I am using 470 8gb. Should work with all GPU models as using latest drivers.


I tried this on my MSI Z170A Gaming M5 but it stuck on blank screen after booting. Tried lots of stuff. Does it needs to be in UEFI mode only? I tried even in UEFI mode but then it neither detects my pen drive which is bootable, nor my hard drive. Am I doing something wrong?


z170 is a different chipset, it could be a totally different beast to tame so I don’t know what to suggest to you


[GUIDE] 6 GPU RIG on Asus H270 Prime & G4560 (Win10)

can used with ASUS Strix H270F , yes or no ?

I am using asus strix GTX 1070 8gb oc

Thank You…


Is it necessary to update bios for building a mining rig?


yes as stock bios has no option to enable 4g


Is there any “AUTO” option in bios so that we not used to enable the 4g option every time?


unfortunately not on any bios I have seen…


This surprised me when building my first right on this motherboard. Very good to mention as a lot of people don’t have the patience.

I tried to install older drivers and that didn’t work (was using newest), only 2 cards were recognized in 4G mode and I can’t remember if Gen 1 or 2 (copied from popular youtube video). Got to a point where I couldn’t even install drivers after ddu or whatever the cleaner is called. So…

Booted from a non-memstrapped card to get the installer to recognize 1 card. Then added cards 1 by 1 and did the checksum thing for ati cards. I could only get this working on the latest ati drivers, but I still can’t modify mem/power without the hash rates dropping to 4 - 6 per card. All are 570’s or 580’s with a single 480. Maybe I should have turned off 4G mode but was trying to get back to mining asap.


For some reason, I have to change Auto to GEN2 to make it work. And able to enable -mv feature on afterburner.


This ASUS-PRIME is the worst bullsht out there. It made me crazy today, trying to get 6 gpu working on that sht. All kinds of abnormal behavior, black screens and what not - even though it was a brand new I bought today!!!


Thank for this useful post. I have a problem now. I have 6 cards, but only 5 get recognized, the 6th spin but is not recognized. Which PCI should i leave empty? (my card has 7 PCI slots) I know the card care about the order of the PCI used.


same shit happened to me. There is no way to make the h270f gaming strix working. even with 3 GPU a lot of errors.