ETH Pool Stratum problems


Looks like I’ve been wasting my hash all day… stratum mode isn’t working correctly on 8002 or 8004 or 8009.

Miners getting a end of file read error and no new work…
Using Claymore and Ethminer V12 and V14…


You’re right. We’ve been discussing this for 4 hours on Telegram. Your shares should still be showing up on your stat page.


If your using ssl, switch to non-ssl


I was using non SSL. I’ve never used SSL before.

I was still getting shares with claymore and HiveOS rigs but wasn’t getting new work…


I have experience the same 8004 & 8009 connectivity issues through the late afternoon and all evening(Eastern USA time). At first, my ethproxy that consolidates my four rigs to single external connection stopped receiving pool connection work for workers and non-stop rejected share results.
Later, I decided to switched to individual claymore direct connections configurations to at both 8004 and 8009 with award shares and appearing better more dependable and continuous. However, I still experience breaks of epool job timeouts and rejected shares on all rigs(i believe same all rigs…need more time to clarify that assertion. I saw two the same and have spent a lot of time on this already)
I am losing pool share percentage and award value. Should I move away back to nanopool or dwarfpool abandoning my anorak pool hash history seniority to attempt restart another time?
Is this widespread or just a few isolated connections?


I still have small percentage of round share, but I have moved on… I would have moved on sooner but I really wanted to establish that ‘seniority’ because the pool was showing some good luck and profits.

Port 8002 was the exact same way for my single card miners.


Everybody is having same problem. Check you anorak stat page, it should still be getting credit for shares.


Make sure you have no failover/backup pools in your config. That way claymore will stay on anorak and not keep switching to backup pool. Then once problem with stratum is fixed you can reenter your backup pool.