ETH Pool difficulties


Quick question:

while being at upper limit value of certain difficulty is it better to choose higher difficulty or remain at lower one?
Eg. If miner is getting over 900 MHs and is mining on 4b then is it betterto change diff for higher one, 9b in this case?


You are fine at 4b. You can try 9b tho, its a matter of taste tbh. if you feel like you are sending a lot of useless shares at 4b (constantly losing hashrate) you can try 9b. Give a try at both and keep w/e you feel confortable with.


Thank you for your reply, I will try them both.


Another question:

if I change the difficulty for my miners while I already have eg. 5% of shares in round, do I need to go through “setting up” again? Or will it just transition from one to another with no harm to my round share rate?


no harm to your round share rate


Neat, thanks :slight_smile: if only it worked that way for all anoraks pools :smiley: