ETC Pool Payouts Down?


Are ETC pool payments down?


I received payment but now I cannot connect to the server!


in the afternoon, pool server was working but the etc webside is down


Thank you for the reply!


I did not receive anything what was sent
Transaction 0x9c49d6c4d1 on Ethereum Classic
It seems there is no information for provided transaction with hash 0x9c49d6c4d126a9dd5724f4ca25543bf0fdd5ae46b67fdafdbb5687dd02b0760f
If a transaction you’re looking for was just submitted to the network, please refresh this page in a minute. It can take time to propagate information through the network.


My last two payments don’t have any info on the blockchain. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Yes payments dating back to the 11/23/2018. This has happened before, I don’t remember it taking this long.


Yess, me. An there are no answers and no reaction from Anorak. Nothing! Embarrassing!


My payment on 10/23 cleared my next one is 10/28!


My Ether Wallet has not received the payments since the beginning of September