ETC Pool payout transactions not being sent


Came back here to see how things were going. Mined several days, payouts each day, but none of them have shown on the chain yet. Can we please get transactions moving again?

And this is ETC, so no, gas price is not high.


Unfortunately this has been an issue for a bit over a month. Something broke around October 21 and our pool operator has not been able to resolve it yet. He’s aware of it though.

At this time I’d recommend mining ETH here, and if you want to mine the other coins, mine elsewhere until we get resolution on the issues affecting UBIQ, ETC, and PIRL.


Well, wow. I have to say that’s pretty seriously not cool. Seems like it’d be a good idea to put a warning up on the pool website, or maybe even disallow connections to the pool so someone doesn’t mine there without realizing that payments aren’t happening. Sounds like stuff might not get paid period. I’m glad I looked and jumped.


@Anorak - is there any update here? Can you at least let everyone know what is going on? The silence is not good.


If you’ve lost interest in your pool project, that’s fine, but put in the effort to get everyone paid what they’re due (manually if you have to), and shut the shit down.


Still waiting on some ETC - see post here: State of the Pools 2018-12-01 - Updated 2019-01-21