ERROR: ETH Reward amounts & Payout amounts DO NOT MATCH


Hello everyone, I hope this posting finds you all well :slight_smile:

This is my ETH account: 0xed2b34e8cdb8cc9b0e13a6fe793acc7eee6ce6fe

My grievance pertains to the Rewards & Payout amount associated with the following block:
Block Height: 6,439,670
Block Hash: 0xf56b1c25daf1d771ef63ba8cdd16629586bfceac0f80ac874abcea991c8474b2
Time Found: 10/2/2018, 7:01:58 AM
Variance: 238%
Reward: 3.105439 (ETH)

The Rewards tab indicates that for this block [6,439,670], I should have received the following:
Block Height: 6,439,670
Reward: 0.05442514 (ETH)
Round Share: 1.808643%

The Payouts tab indicates that I received the following amount:
TIme: 10/2/2018, 12:51:08 PM
Tx ID: 0x4261f8a3d685faa1ece2211b8df80b5e2eeb7561ce306fac534e5fbc1cc4ddf6 (UNKOWN Tx ID)
Amount: 0.04081886 (ETH)

Unless I am missing something, I should have received at least 0.05442514 ETH in addition to whatever other pending balance there may have been, however instead, I received a smaller total amount of 0.04081886 ETH for a difference of - 0.01360628 ETH.

Because of this, the Total Paid amount does not match what I have cumulatively received from Anorak.Tech.

3 Questions:

  1. Why am I seemingly missing 0.01360628 ETH from this particular payout transaction?
  2. The transaction hash (Tx ID) 0x4261f8a3d685faa1ece2211b8df80b5e2eeb7561ce306fac534e5fbc1cc4ddf6, is incorrect as the real Tx ID for the amount received of 0.04081886 ETH is: 0xf0f5ab588a6b064ae80e7f8d6c06560a88ddd4ec3fdb542591940d9c7db32112 (according to:
  3. Why is nobody talking about this? I took a sample of Reward/Payout data samples from other fellow miners and all of them see to have the same issue, except, some appear to have received more than what their round share indicates - Whatโ€™s going on?

Regards everyone and goodnight from Canada!