Dwarfpool vs ethermine vs nanopool


hey guys,

i have been looking into mining on different pools and different distribution methods currently focusing on comparing dwarfpool (RBPPS) vs ethermine (PPLNS)

besides them having different payout and distribution methods they also have a completely different approach on stats pages so it was hard for me to get some actual numbers while figuring into account varying network difficulty and other things.

long story short:
it seems to me that RBPPS has a better payout than PPLNS (stats gathered over roughly 1 month by splitting up miners on both of them).

i broke down my mining to average eth gain per day at 1mhs

example data from jan:
0.00010832450 eth/d/mhs on dwarf and
0.00009512200 eth/d/mhs on ethermine

both values decreased over time (obviously as network diff increased) but the average distance for roughly 10% stayed the same
(max variance of 3.8% - 22.12% / day difference in favor of dwarfpool)

i wanted to know if any of you have longer running stats or can support my results with their own testing - as my mining resources are limited.



I tried multiple pools but never mined on nanopool.

My earnings on dwarfpool were always higher than ethermine.


Here is my progression:

  • ethermine - issue with a lot of stale shares
  • dwarfpool - despite the bad reviews I gave it a try, I should have listened to the reviews, terrible support and clunky web ui/stats
  • nanopool - loved it and best payout until my current pool (eth.anorak.tech)
  • anorak - current pool, execellent community, support and payouts


how to mine anorak pool? how to get eth wallet?


Welcome, please check the introductory thread to get started:



We don’t cover wallets here so much… but I wrote a blog post about them here:


You can install Ethereum Wallet or Parity Ethereum on your PC, or use MyEtherWallet or another web-based wallet. It’s beyond our scope to recommend one over the other, as there are upsides and downsides to any of the options.


I would recommend Jaxx (multi platform available app) or metamask for easy setups
or eventually myetherwallet (offline version) if you need more security.
Always keep your backup words in a safe place.


Ditto, I currently use Jaxx; no complaints so far.


I’m gonna try this pool when i get home. Ty.


Welcome. Be sure to read the welcome post - it covers some of the ways this pool is different from the larger ones.