Dual mining


I’m mining ETH only at the moment. Anyone still dual mine? What is your coin of choice? I was mining SIA a while ago… until it was not profitable anymore.



I use to dual mine, but find the rewards vs the power consumption were just not worth it.


i have 98 amd gpu in dual mining , all are ETC + XSH , 110-116 TDP per card @51ºC 31.9 mhs on etc and 1350 mhs on 2nd coin .


Thanks for your answers… I think I’ll keep mining eth only.



Hi, Sia is not more profitable with GPU mining after the asic miners came out for this crypto. I am mining VERGE (XVG) since January 2018 that Claymore Dual miner included BLAKE2 algorithm recently upgraded the reward in half however it is still profitable to mine it


Uh… you realize that XVG isn’t profitable because of ASIC miners right? lol

Better off just mining with nicehash then mining a coin that has plummeted in value. could use the BTC from nicehash to buy XVG. Yield 200% more as minimum.