Different Block Payouts


Not complaining, but why do we get paid more than 3 Eth for a block? Looks like we get between 3.05 and 3.20.

I did find Uncle block value varies by how many generations old the Uncle is and it’s not just a flat 7/8th of the regular reward, which explains why our Uncle was lower value than I thought it should be.


May have found the answer, is it because of the gas paid to record all the transactions?


When finding a block the pool is rewarded 3 ΞTH. We earn the mining reward of 3 ΞTH + the gascost * gasprice of the transactions contained in the block.

So that is 3 Ξth + (gas-cost * gas-price)


Hi, just moved here from NiceHash, loving the low payouts and fees!

Wanted to check - the from what you are saying above we would expect the reward to always be greater than 3 (unless an uncle) but in the case of the 7th block we’ve mined, the payout was exactly 3 Eth.

Was wondering why? Does the gas paid depend on something extra?



Jep. Before I paid all the transaction costs for the payouts. Thus the total block value was split to all workers. But I’ve changed the payout yesterday so that every worker has to pay the tx fee. Therefore all block mined by the pool will have a otal value of 3. (Okay, not for uncles)


I’m probably missing something obvious, but I’m a bit confused still.

So this means when we get a payout the payout will be 3 X (round share) - (transaction fee)?

I’m not sure where the “Gas reward” factors into this? Is it going towards the pool running costs?


Payout is ( (3Ξ - 0,1% Pool fee) * Your Roud Share) - Tx fee.

The tx fee is paid for transactions. So nothing left at the pool. :wink:
The only profit the pool makes, is the 0.1% fee.


Confused also. Where does the block gas cost and gas price go? Shouldn’t it be:
3 Eth + (block gas cost * gas price) - 0.1% pool fee * your round share - your tx fee?


Well, gas is what the miners are paid to process a transacion.

Calculation is still Payout is ( (3Ξ - 0,1% Pool fee) * Your Roud Share) - Tx fee.

3 Eth - Pool fee = 2,997
2,997 x Round share (5% [0.14985]) = 0,449 Eth - Tx fee


Sorry still trying to wrap my head around this. Isn’t the rewarded (gas cost * gas price) for the block usually different than the (gas cost * gas price) we pay for our payout transactions since we use a low gas price?


The block which we find, contains the TX fees of all transactions that are collected in that very block. The gas you pay, is for the transaction from the pool to your wallet. That transaction will be stored in a new block to pay the miners that have to verify your transaction.


So block 5,111,168 that we found, had a block reward on etherscan of 3.139313851665371014 Ξ, but the reward showing on the pool site was only 3? Is our share based upon:
3Ξ - Pool fee = 2,997
2,997 x Round share (lets say 10%) = 0.2997 Eth - Tx fee
3.139313851665371014 Ξ - Pool fee = 3.136
3.136 x Round share (lets say 10%) = 0.3136 Eth - Tx fee

So if we assume a 10% round share (9.9% after pool fee) is this 9.9% of 3 Ξ or (3Ξ+(gascost * gasprice)) - i.e. 3.14Ξ

Sorry for being so awkward, but it makes a big difference ~5% to returns.


I think Anorak is saying the transaction fee we get from the block is being used to cover the transaction fee of the payouts? But I don’t think they are equal. Like you said 5% is a huge hit and washes away the low pool fee if that is the case.


I will look into that tomorrow. I see your point, and my explanation was not that good; I’ll write an update on that!


I look forward to it Anorak, as I’m trying to get my head around it too. Would this also be related to significantly lower value rewards for blocks 3 and 8 (the latter at 1.875 Eth!.. why?) or is it a different aspect altogether?
If so could someone more experienced or better versed shed some light on this for me please … or push me in the right direction if it was already answered somewhere on this fine forum :wink:


Just trying to figure all this out too. The reward for Uncles decreases the older the block is, so the second Uncle 1.875 was an older block than the 2.25 block. Since the blocks are older, I do not think that you get the gas reward.


The blocks at 3 and 8 are uncles I believe so these will always pay less than the normal 3 eth.


@anorak why not write a page that can be linked from FAQ on this pools fees vs say nano/ethermine


I’ll do that. :slight_smile:

Right now I focus on some upgrades and stability patches. Think I am going to release those tonight.


@Anorak, Just wanted to check if you’d followed up on this? From what I can see from the round share and payment amount, the gas paid with the block is retained by the pool?