Best payout method and Best Pool with RX580 Nitro+


Hi guys…
I been mining with 6 GPU AMD RX580 Nitro+ 8 Gb
I´m using CLAYMORE 11.5 for Mining in NANOPOOL and I been getting 0.05 ETH payouts every 3 days with 192 Mh/s in NANOPOOL
What do you recommend me ???
Stay in NANOPOOL with this Minimum payout of 0.05 ETH or move my RIG to another POOL ?
Thanks for your comments…


What is your concern with nanopool?

The way the math works, any pool you go to with 192MH/s will earn the same amount (on average) at any given time. Network difficulty will impact you anywhere you go, and of course fiat currency rates (how much $ is ETH worth) will vary, no matter what mining pool you use.

If you don’t mind 0.05 per 3 days, there isn’t much reason to go somewhere else. If you require a smaller payout threshold, you might want to go to a pool that has one.

If nanopool doesn’t have a pool server close enough to you on the network (which is unlikely), you might want a pool whose server is closer. But I mine to Anorak from California USA, and don’t have any issues with the network distance/latency.

(There is anecdotal evidence that has slightly higher payout by hashrate than the other pools over time, but it’s not guaranteed. I personally have seen 10-15% better payout although there have been slow days and fast days. As I said, it averages it out.)

What problem, issue, or concern are you considering to solve by changing to another pool?


Ok Ok… Thanks for your response…I though I could use more efficent my hash power in other pool …


If you were mining to a pool with really bad connectivity, maybe.

nanopool is pretty well connected, so unless you have something wrong (not just “something might be more right”) you’re probably okay.


Hi bro…
I recommend you try a Dwarf pool. More profitable as for me.


i also recommend dwarfpool i switched from ethermine about a week ago and have seen more profit. My reported hashrate is 130 mh/s. Before i would get 0.008 eth a day somedays maximum of 0.009 eth but now on dwarfpool im getting 0.01 eth most days and sometimes 0.009 eth definitely getting more over long term for sure. Make sure to use eth-proxy and ethminer