Asus z270-p and m.2 slots



today i recived 3 m.2 to pcie adapters. I have asus z270-p mainboard and i currently run 6 gpu without a problem. I read that on z270-p both m.2 ports work for adding 2 more gpus. In bios i was able to change m2_1 slot from auto to pcie (the other option is ssd), i didnt find settings for m2_2 slot, but i read that m2_2 is pcie only and that is why there is no option for that slot.

The problem is that my cards are not recognized when connected to m2 ports. Is it possible that all 3 adapters dont work?

When i inserted m2 adapter and screwed it to mainboard, the whole adapter is bend and not in the streight horizontal line. Am i suppose to insert a spacer on the mainboard and than screw the adapter into that spacer. I am attaching a simple image how it was (i took it out after it wasnt working).

Is this cousing the m.2 to pcie to not work?



are you using windows or linux…?
I tried it with a biostar z270gt6 motherboard, didn’t work for me, think someone said ethos doesn’t support it…


i forgot to say i am using win10. latest bion on motherbord too.


Hi, I screwed adapter without any spacer… it works, but… but… but… only one M.2 slot works. As you wrote: I don’t habe m.2_2 in BIOS, and… it doesn’t work at all…

I belive it’s a matter of NEW bios


its possible the 2nd m2 is an either/or with one of the pcie lanes…
possibly recall someone saying the option is kinda hidden under a different setting in bios, could be mistaken though…


I’ve already checked if I can run two cards on M.2 slots, without any other cards… System recognizes only one… so it’s not a matter of pcie lanes…


I am having the same issue with my z270-p board. What is the hidden bios setting? I feel like it’s definitely a BIOS setting forcing the m.2_2 to PCIE. My 8th GPU has issues in the second m.2_2 slot, the 7th one in _1 is fine! I’ve tried everything. Help!


Running into the same issues, 7 GPUs work, cant detect the GPU on M.2_2. Asus Z270-P.


do you have any news? :slight_smile:


i gave up on this mobo! not looking into fixit it.



have you fixed your problem ??

i have run a few of this boars !!
a littl tricky but it runs perfect in my opinion !

what are exatly yoour problem i have a lot information of this board !

1.Flash bios to the newest Version in MB BIOS y need only inernet connection

2.Options settings
-M.2 -> to Pcie

  • Fast Boot -> off
    -Audio -> off
    -onboard Grafik -> off
    -4G encoding ->on
    -VTd -> on
    -Pcie speed -> Gen 2

make sure your M.2 adaper is conact withe you psu !!

adappt the gpu one by one if some gpu not work try to put an other gpu in the port and show whats happen ->check riser !!


Hei HEki.

Indeed there is a setting for both of the m.2 slots.
go to: Advance/Onboard Device Configuration and change your m.2 - PCIE mode.

I got 10+ riggs with this motherboard and it works very good.
Use m,2 - USB3 risers instead of m.2 - PCI-e x1 slot riser. that way u get fewer hassle points.

as for the screw. use the first hole and bend the riser like in the upper picture.


I have a biostar z270gt6 (same roughly architecture)
I bought a little biostar pci mining breakout board for £26 which has 4 usb ports on it
I ran up 9 cards on this motherboard, with a slot free (i couldnt reach it with a cable :slight_smile: )
Going to buy another one of these cards and play around, see how many i can get up on 1 board! :smiley:



like i said, there is not extra setting for 2nd m.2 slot. I only have 1 and today is the day that i managed to run both cards, so now i am running 8 cards on this mobo. Before, i think, i had a problem with molex connector for m.2 to pcie adapter and there was not enought electricity.

Keep it cool!!