Asus OC 8GB Strix causing claymore to crash


I have a Asus RX580 8GB Strix ROG Samsung memory card and I modded the bios and updated the card. After the restart I tried running claymore and it crashes claymore with “ethdcrMiner64.exe has stopped working” I did notice that instead of showing 8192 in claymore it shows 3092

I tried to restore original bios but I get the same results. The card works fine otherwise, I can see it shows 8GB in gpu-z. I replaced the riser card and still same issue. I tested riser card with another gpu and it works fine.

Please help, any assist appreciated.


bump, please anyone could assist.


Add me on skype: bijac666
I can help you mod the bios properly and can help you make it work :slight_smile:



Ive got the same issue, did you find a solution?



did you find a solution?