Asus 8gb D5 RX 580 Strix OC Gaming


Hello !

I need a modded bios for this card.
I copy the 1750 to 2000
and i have Hynix inside and i can only 25.2 M/hs
I find nothing for Hynix…


Hello, I can guide you how to get more than 30MH/s on those cards.
Add me on skype: bijac666 and I will guide you how to achieve that :slight_smile:


I added you in skype


Hi i have rx 480 strix oc gaming 8gb on samsung can i do same?


different bios than RX580 of course, but yeah the RX480 is fine for mining


Can someone please post a proper ROM for minig for this card (ASUS STrix 8GB RX 580,Hynix)? I get only 20 MH/s at most with any other ROM which I’ve tried.

Thanks in advance