[Anorak.Tech POOL] Stresstest 23. - 05. May, JOIN US NOW!


Bad luck is just that. We will break it and get back some balance


Maybe it would be good to try to move this again in Reddit, so more people can get their rigs pointing here?


Yeah, I got punished by Twitter for using Twitter Ads for Cryptocorrency related ads. I can still post stuff, but no ads. Maybe I have to update the Reddit post. :+1:


Just thinking out loud here…but any chance you might want to extend the 0% fee since there haven’t been any blocks during the window? :slight_smile:

…and man, what luck at the wrong time LOL

I decided to give you a try this week with a little bit of what I have, and as time went on I moved everything over just in hopes of seeing how everything works. Still waiting…


Yes, I think so.
At least for the ETH pool. :slight_smile:

But I think about it.


Cool. FWIW, I’m determined now to see it through. Even pushed a little Nicehash at it for the next week. LOL


Well what do we have here? Hello Block!


YAY finally, an ETH block!

We are extending our 0% fee until 05.05.2018!


Telegram link is broken … i cant join!


many thanks dude
i will try


Why i love Anorak pool :love_letter: