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It just means the difficulty is different. Difficulty relates to how much work you have to put in to get shares. Over time, the calculated hash rate should be your reported hash rate. The reason we use different difficulty tiers is to optimize pool latency.


Which port are you mining on? The xxx2 ports run at 2b difficulty, xxx4 at 4b and xxx9 at 9b.

The higher the difficulty, the less shares you submit, but at a higher value.

A farm with 300ghs would flood the 2b ports, therefore we have also ports at a higher diff. :+1:


8002 i only have 182mh/s, should i move to 8004?


No don’t stress. You are fine on that port. :+1:


Hi, thank you all for your information. Unfortunately, I am very worried about this pool. I have been mining for 9 days with just 93MHs but with this, in 9 days I got more than 0,06 in Nanopool. I was happy with this pool, but now my round shares dramatically drop to 0,12%. Then of 9 days of mining, my estimated reward was dropped to 0,0037. Really I think I lose my time and my work. Currently, I think this pool doesn’t stimulate the loyalty. so sorry for this.


Note that your round share drops due to the rising pool hashrate. But also keep in mind the higher the hasrate, the more ofte we find blocks, thus your total reward will stay the same.

We have had a long gap now since the last ETH block. I understand that this is nerve wrecking, at leas I feel like that. But the next block should be around the corner.

I will point my rigs from the UBIQ to the ETH pool tomorrow to help pushing that lazy block. :rofl:


Hello @Anorak,

I have some problems with nicehash to connect to the ubiq.pool

I tried different ports but none of the is working.
What did I wrong?


I have the very same error, but you can just set it up like that and start mining. I am in contact with NH to find out why it displays that error. Because mining works like a charm with NH.


wow. nice work guys loving the look! (and that sexy 0% fee) whats going to be the standard fee at the end of the test?..glad i got your mail!


Fee was only 0% at the very, very start of the pool :wink:
It’s 0.5% now, still a lot cheaper than the bigger pools…


ah I see yes, thank you. its less than my old pool


Fee will revert to 0.5 after 29.04.

But Twitter won’t let me run ads with Crypto topics. So maybe I will add another week. But just maybe. :wink:

If we can push the pool hashrate far enough, I’ll consider that.


fingers crossed, is there a way to set a custom higher payout threshold?

EDIT: “If you need to change your payout threshold, that’s not possible yet, but it will be in the near future”




If you need to change your payout threshold, that’s not possible yet, but it will be in the near future. :+1:


10 days without a Block found is getting real old.


It’s 0% now, and has been since Sunday. See the first post in this thread. :slight_smile:

And it was also 0% for a week and a half last month as I recall.

Not as old as 11 days. :frowning:

Unfortunately the pool slowed down bigtime over the last couple of weeks. I’ve moved two rigs back from ETC to ETH for a few days, but you might find ETC more productive in the short term.

Mind you, the PPLNS queue has probably cycled, so current miners should see their round share stick (unless more hashrate joins).

As a semi-unrelated aside: There’s another thread around here somewhere about removing -allpools 1 for miners who use claymore… it’s supposed to let devfee mine on our pool, and could nominally improve mining rates.


It feels a lot like the first big variance block we had. Maybe the hash rate will jump back to 50 ghs again after we break it :stuck_out_tongue:


I started with 153 MH/s on 8004 proxy. almost 2 days passed but my immature balance is still 0.0000000 ETH. will I earn ETH just when a block found oar what?


Rewards are awarded once the Block is found.


Or maybe with the promotion, we’ll get to 50GH before the block is found.

I’d like to see it your way though, so the current miners get more reward.

What @Gregg4008 said. Rewards are based on found blocks, not mining time. On the larger pools, blocks are found more often, and more consistently,

These numbers are a bit out of date but are still a good sense of proportion. On average, not guaranteed, a pool with 6000 GH should find 400x more blocks than a pool with 15GH. A pool (like Ethermine) with 66000 GH will find 4400x as many blocks, which makes it look more scheduled, but all mining pools are subject to luck.