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There’s only the one server location in Germany, and those of us who mine from Australia and California don’t run into stale share issues.

@Anorak has said he’ll consider more locations, but the pool really needs to grow some before it’s worth the expense. If your connection is causing stale shares to other pools, you might look into a service called “rigproxy” (google it?) … I think they’ve been considering testing with Anorak and currently serve other pools.


Did you give it a try?
Our pools really have a pretty darn good uplink. :+1:


Im running from Canada and no problem…running smoth :wink:


I mentioned this in another thread, might be useful for you

I have two rigs, both exactly the same, one here and one on ethermine. Average rate 180 mh/s. In the past month I made 0.23 here and 0.41 on ethermine. The previous month I was making the same on xeminer before it disappeared.

People on these forums keep saying to hang in, so i’ll keep the one rig here maybe for another month to see if things improve. I would love to support a smaller mining pool, but not at half the cost of my potential mining power.


Yes I can see your point. Our ETH pool luck went down quite much as quite some miners changed to ETC or another pool.

We are running some extensive advertisement now for all pools, and we should get up on the drop rate of the blocks. Which should result in higher rewards on the long run. :+1:

As you can see here https://eth.anorak.tech/#/blocks we have a high shares/diff, or better said bad luck. We have not found enough blocks to average out the total reward.

Our average luck on ETC https://etc.anorak.tech/#/blocks is darn good. So comared to other pools you would have gotten higher rewards.


To be fair, the ETH pool had a pretty good luck streak before the stat reset a while ago, so it really just varies. It’s kinda like if you watch your personal share stats by the hour but then slow time by a lot. You’re going to see peaks and valleys. I think we’ll have another good luck peak soon.


Anorak has a good point… but you might consider opening an Ethereum Classic wallet and mining there. That would support the pools (and future growth) as well as getting you possibly equal or better returns.

I know whattomine shows ETC lower than ETH, but that’s average; we’ve had good luck as Anorak notes and it might continue. The Gambler Fallacy Cheerleaders can stand down by the way. :slight_smile:


EthOS Proxy Config…

globalminer Claymore
stratumproxy enabled
proxywallet 0x…
proxypool1 etc.anorak.tech:8024
proxypool2 etc.anorak.tech:8022
poolpass1 x
poolpass2 x

Hope this helps…


Hi, I’ve been mining for some days ago. 2 Days ago my round share was in 1%, today it is in 0,59% I have had the same average hashrate these days.
I really don’t understand why, could yu explain me?
Thank you


Your round share will drop if more people join the pool. The hashrate of the pool has increased enough today to put your round share lower. I think we were around 7-8 ghs and then went up to around 13-16 ghs


Don’t worry too much about the round share… as the pool hash rate goes up so does the number of shares found. So your rewards per week remains roughly the same as your round share goes down.
It’s like a seesaw… you are in the middle and the round shares are at one end and the pool hash rate at the other. It all balances out in the end…


Thank you! Really I am a beginner in the mining world. I really appreciate this community. I started to mine in Nanopool but then I try this and I found good features.
Currently, I am worried because some days have gone forme the last block found. Is it normal?
Another thing I saw the pool increased the Payout threshold, equal to the other pools.
And my other worried is about my round share, I understand the pool hashrate increased, but I was mining for a longer time and I think the longer I mine, the more I get! Isn’t it?
Could you explain me a little bit? thank you


The ETH payout has been 0.05 ETH since at least April 8th. I think you’ll find that the four pools here have different payout thresholds.

Yes, this is described in detail in the welcome post.

We have lower mining rates so we find blocks less often. And a lot of ETH miners went to the ETC/UBIQ/PIRL pools when they came out. So we hope this week folks will come back to ETH again and we’ll see more blocks.

If you punch in 15000 MH/s into whattomine.com, you’ll see that we should on average see 1.1954 ETH per day. So that should average out to a block every 3 days on average, at this hash rate. I’m overemphasizing “average” because it’s not a guaranteed rate of block finding.


Here is the post about PPLNS.

Your round share is the amount of work you submitted divided by the total amount of work submitted in the last N shares (where N varies – read the post for more details). So if the PPLNS queue is 76800 “shares,” and you submitted 768 of those shares, you have a 1% share.

However, if you submitted 768 shares in the last 153600 shares, that’s not the same. Since the queue is (in this example) the last 76800 shares, your share of the PPLNS queue would be based on the last 76800 shares.

And of course, there is no reward for blocks we don’t find. So if the queue is 76800 shares, and you mined all 76800 of those shares (unlikely), but no block was found for 153600 shares, you would have no reward for that work since there’s no reward to be paid out.

With the drastically reduced PPLNS queue size this week, we should see a quick adjustment to the proportion of work. The pool intentionally does not reward pool hoppers, and does pay based on who’s mined the most recent chunk of work when a block is found. If more than one block is found in a day (I think our record is 4 in one day) you’ll get even more than you “deserve” in that case.

[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!

Also note, the PPLNS queue was about 500.000 shares in total length and we progressively reduce it to 78.600.

This will avoid a “hard cut” on the Round Share. If you have been mining for a while you already got your 100% coverage for the queue, and will not lose the coverage due to the reduced length.

We reduced the length to give new miners the chance to ramp up to full coverage more quickly during the stresstest (23. - 28.04.).


Will switch from Nanopool where I have 1% fee. Question is how you will maintain and stay profitable with 0% fee? What’s the bigger picture and reasons here?


Oh easy. Noticed the Google ads on the forums? :wink:
Those can cover some operating costs and compensate the 0% fee partially.

Fees will revert to 0.5% next week.

The bigger picture is, that if workers are happy with our pools they might continue to use our service.


just connected my rig. its just a small 6 card hobby rig getting about 183 mh, proxy 8002 the right one?


You should be able to do 8004, but 8002 wouldn’t hurt either.


You should be fine on that port. :grinning:


i honestly dont know what im actaully doing lol but ive got 155 shares in 30 mins when on nanopool i was averaging maybe 100-125/hr. O.O thats gotta be a good thing, right?