[Anorak.Tech POOL] Stresstest 23. - 05. May, JOIN US NOW!


As a member of the “Over The Hill gang” we don’t really concentrate on who has the smallest one. We’re just happy to have one.:rofl:

2018.04.25:04:16:04.377: eths Eth: Share actual difficulty: 7095 MH
2018.04.25:04:16:04.528: eths Eth: Received: {“id”:4,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:true}
2018.04.25:04:16:04.528: eths Eth: Share accepted in 151 ms

Dallas, TX on Spectrum cable


I don’t know about the smallest but I do think I have the biggest!!!

ETH: 04/25/18-19:19:24 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 2)
ETH: Share accepted (422 ms)!

It’s a very long way from Western Australia to Germany…
I’m sure my shares stop for a snack on the way…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Uuhhh that’s a big one. Not that I am jealous. :sweat_smile: If the pools get some more momentum, I will see if I can set you up with another node back at the other side of the planet. :joy:


@Anorak Yo, i too joined in :slight_smile: i hope i am not contributing the slowest hashrate here, pardon me if iam :sunny:


Welcome to the pool!


Yeah welcome to the Anorak Army! :joy:
115MH/s, looks good to me. :blush:


@entropic616 Thanks for a warm welcome.

@Anorak Thank you thank you.

ummm little problem here, it was mining and suddenly socket was closed error.


You should be able to connect now again. :+1:


@Anorak Yep, okay now its up again. what happened ?


Someone near one of the servers had a bad burrito.


They must’ve had a few today. Rigs have switched to failovers at least 3 times today.


Same here with low hashrate issue.
I was thinking of a problem at rigproxy but if I am not alone in this situation, it is maybe due to the pool.


@Anorak, based on what I have got this night, I found the code below in github of open ethereum pool. The problem is node related.

func (s *ProxyServer) handleGetWorkRPC(cs *Session) ([]string, *ErrorReply) {
	t := s.currentBlockTemplate()
	if t == nil || len(t.Header) == 0 || s.isSick() {
		return nil, &ErrorReply{Code: 0, Message: "Work not ready"}
	return []string{t.Header, t.Seed, s.diff}, nil

Edit: Have found this too: https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/04/18/ethereums-geth-client-now-processes-blocks-40-faster-solidity-update-launched


I was restarting the ethereum client as I updated to the most recent version. Thus the connection problems.

It was not planned to update and I had to fix it asap, so I didn’t post any news or hints on this.

The previous version was compiled with an older go-compiler, and was producing some kind of buffer overflow when sending reward transactions. No real problem for the workers, but my available server memory was drained due to the overflow.

Things are fixed and work like expected.

Still hoping to pop the next ETH now!


Hey guys!

Did you just felt my 109 MH/s rig coming online!? XD


Yeah, a nice bump. I hope you can get the next block. I tried hard and failed.


Bad luck is just that. We will break it and get back some balance


Maybe it would be good to try to move this again in Reddit, so more people can get their rigs pointing here?


Yeah, I got punished by Twitter for using Twitter Ads for Cryptocorrency related ads. I can still post stuff, but no ads. Maybe I have to update the Reddit post. :+1:


Just thinking out loud here…but any chance you might want to extend the 0% fee since there haven’t been any blocks during the window? :slight_smile:

…and man, what luck at the wrong time LOL

I decided to give you a try this week with a little bit of what I have, and as time went on I moved everything over just in hopes of seeing how everything works. Still waiting…