[Anorak.Tech POOL] Stresstest 23. - 05. May, JOIN US NOW!


Hello Anorak Army!

We are extending our 0% fee until 05.05.2018!

Link to the announcement

I am pleased to announce our upcoming Pool-Stresstest!

We have been working hard on the pool software to modify, improve and redesign backend and frontend to deliver you the BEST pool you ever wanted to mine on with the best crypto community ever! :heart:



We want to flood our ETH and ETC pools from 23. to 29. april with as many workers we can get.
So you are invited to join us on our mining pools! :+1:

The pools

Your Profit

  • 0% Pool Fee
    Not only our ETH and ETC pools, but also our UBQ and PIRL pools will run on 0% fee during the stresstest.
  • And as usual we pay out full block and uncle rewards!
  • The PPLNS queue will be reduced and locked to 76.800 shares.
    This will speed up the time to reach 100% coverage for the workers Current Round Share.
  • Faster payout schedule
  • Low payout threshold
    Threshold: 0.05 ETH
    Threshold: 0.25 ETC
    Threshold: 0.50 UBQ
    Threshold: 0.50 PIRL

Y tho?

We have been working on the pool backend for quite some time to rewrite and optimize code, thus reducing internal processing latency. On large scale this will result in less needed infrastructue to run the pools. And the lowered costs will affect your profit as we can cut pool fee to a minimum.

We had some really annoying bugs over the course of the last few weeks. But with the help of the community we reached a rock solid pool operation. This is one of the very last pool “benchmarks” before Anorak.Tech goes viral!


Just leave me your questions here! :slight_smile:
Please note that I will not support questions regarding the stresstest on the Telegram chat in detail, and will link you to the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


Special thanks to @DKS, @gallifreyan and @artax for supporting me and this project! :heart:
Without you guys I would struggle to keep up with the immense user engagement on the forums and the Telegram chat! Thank your guys! This project has been a blast for me!

Also a big shoutout to Marco and Marco, chris walker, Yusef, j1v c0, Skylobo, mram, Nb, Fourat, Joshua, Salvo, Korosh, Ovidiu and all supporters out there that help me to find bugs and new ideas for the pool!

Nice to know

No payment after 18 days mining? Block found yesterday (Edited)

Cheers! Here’s to the success of pool and its operator!


Hy ! im on etc from a few days , today we found 3 blocks in less 1 hour , wow :open_mouth:


I use ethos, for ETC how to config its proxy


There’s a proxy configuration section at https://etc.anorak.tech/ for ETC


There’s a proxy configuration section at https://etc.anorak.tech/ 4 for ETC
what the proxy?


Depends on your hashrate.


Good to know just change my rig right now to test with us.
Before im on miningpoolhub auto-exchange to btc, so it will be cool to test mining one coin at time. :slight_smile:
Just put exodus wallet is ok or really important to use myetherwallet ?.

Hope we will have chance for block.
Go for it baby im on ! :smile:


Dang i swore i was done with ethash since the whole monero fork, but you know i have to pitch in for Anoraks all the way. Count me in for Pirl


Thanks for the work you do, i have some remarks:
I dont know if you do it often but the backend should not be restarted often to not affect luck variance.
If I am not wrong, each time you restart the backend, we start looking for a number in a different range and it breaks the uniformely distributed random number search (based on statistic theories).
Also I believe that changing rules (reward scheme parameters and any other that affects our income) is not well seen by us (miners) if it is done without being informed of these modifications days ago.



all changes regarding payout scheme and fee is communicated right away.
Each time a new block is found on the network, all miners get new work with “new numbers”. So that is nothing that changes any luck. Besides that, the network clients which the pools mine on, are always live. :+1:


But percentage of miners there for few days will drop instantly as soon as you will change the PPLNS queue in favor of miners that joined in the late hours.
I don’t know what is the current queue value, but if there is a big different between the current and future value, wouldn’t it better to lower it progressively ?

In the job submitted to miners, the pool randomly choses a part of the nounce and let the mining software chose the other part.
The first one is the extranounce which permits the pool to dispatch parts of a big job to miners and the second part is the minernounce.
Both are chosen randomly.
If the random generator used by pool for the extranounce is seeded at each new block, you are right. But if it is seeded when the pool is started then the situation is quite different.

I am not criticizing (if I had to, I would say nothing and leave the pools), see my comments more as a contribution to make your pools a better place for mining for the anorak.tech community.

Thanks again for this community.
I’m counting on you for a rain dance feature so that the eth block will come soon :slight_smile:

edit : And please remove the “-allpools 1” on the ETH pool example.


That’s what we are doing. :wink:

It is. :+1:

Yes, I do that aswell. :blush:

Done :+1:


Why remove -allpools 1 ?
Did i must remove this command in my .bat file now?


You dont have too.

-allpools Specify “-allpools 1” if miner does not want to mine on specified pool (because it cannot mine devfee on that pool), but you agree to use some default pools for devfee mining. Note that if devfee mining pools will stop, entire mining will be stopped too.


Oh ok perfect :wink:


I’m mining in ethermine pool with 1.95Ghs. I earn 0.145 E/day, just wonder can I earn more if I move all my rigs to Anorak?

Ps: Sorry for my bad English.


It all evens out over the long term, but we have lower fees than Ethermine. In the short term, high variance blocks will earn you less while low variance blocks will earn you more.

If you switch this very minute, in 24 hours nobody can guarantee you’ll see that 0.145 ETH exactly when you expect it. I will say that your roundshare will definitely be more than 0.145 ETH.

The more people we get to join, the smoother things will be, and the low fees make it more profitable. That and our community is awesome.


Yay :tada::+1::slightly_smiling_face:. Will benefit the pool to have the devfee here.


Do you have any server in Asia? My internet connection is not really good so I’m affraid about slate shares if your server is too far.