[Anorak.Tech] Mining pool conversations - Month 4.0


Gotta like seeing an ETH run like this:

Rolling the conversation thread for ease of use… congrats to the patient ones who’ve raked in the coin this past week. :slight_smile:

[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!

Any plans for adding more miningpools? Thinking specifically about Electroneum (etn).
It’s now asic resistant so could become profitable to mine, even with cpu.



After that wild run on both ETH and ETC block hits that defies statistical mathematics by a significant order of magnitude… it abruptly become completely deafingly quiet no blocks on all the anorak pools.

“Follow the traffic” and “persue mathematical deviations from reason/normal/typical”… is often the quickest way to the influential “actor” or “smoking gun”.

The math is too suspiciously unlikely to overlook… looks a bit like somebody made a “monday mistake” on a decimal place kinda like that superman movie. It appears recalled now. That hashing came from somewhere :slight_smile :slight_smile: #mathwins


Yup, “completely deafingly quiet” with what, 3 UBQ, 2 PIRL, 2 ETC, and 1 ETH block in the last seven hours?

For some reason, I thought we wouldn’t have people complaining about a day of good luck on the pool… silly me.


Definitely no complaints here! I was actually noting how 11 ETH blocks in 72 hours was incredibly productive which then felt strange when block reward slowed back toward the direction of expected statistical probability


Have we averaged back to over performance yet?


Still don’t give me any credit pool behavior it looked like early signals that something had changed/different/not right? It looked liked like “something” significant. What are you thoughts on the current “no jobs received” problem?.. Related? Network attack? Organic miner growth outgrew backend software infrastructure? I am eliciting productive technical forum conversation or just a complainer?


same issue to me (no jobs received) and my share is down from 8.8% to 5.9%.i think they have a technical problem