[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - New PPLNS Rewards


It’s been running above 350MH/s for a week, 400MH/s for the last 36 hours

24hr average reported on my page is 400MH/s with a round share of 0.49%. It has been slowly creeping up since the pools total hashrate has dropped but it seems I’m still off by 0.1%?


shrug Maybe we’re just missing something. I’m going to re-read how the system works.



I been here since the beg but moving my hash around. Just pointed 800 m/h , lets see how this loyalty thing works out now.


The payout and fee is a value related to the shares I’ve contributed. The payout is not in question here, my round share is.


Another use mentioned in another thread that his samplings have shown closer to 60 ghs for the pool. That would more closely align with my reported round share.


In the last 12 hours it has come up to fully expected roundshare :man_shrugging:


I saw that mention as well, but for the life of me I can’t find where it was? I think it was a graph showing the hash for each block…Maybe it was offsite?


My pay was lower than reported expectations last 2 eth blocks, sais it should be .045 and .05 but got .037 and .038
Are the estimates not working right?


If i remember correctly, both those blocks were uncles. Prediction is based on whole block.


Ah, I did not even think to look at the block to see if it was full or an uncle… makes complete sense now!

Here blockie blockie :slightly_smiling_face: