[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - New PPLNS Rewards



You are the best ! I like your pool ! :sunny:

[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool

Can you please tell what is the current N?


So the current N is variable due to the ever changing network difficulty.
Right now last N is about 1.500.000 shares.


So in about 24 hours we get to full round share?


Correct. :slight_smile:


I’m still unclear on the payment reward system you have put in place. If I read correctly above, your percentage should not climb or drop significantly over time after (2*difficulty) if you are hashing at a constant rate.
Why is it then that my rewards percentage was so dramatically different for the last two blocks found when my hashrate was constant. I would expect some fluctuation but not 4x less.


That is true as long as difficulty and pool hashrate are constant. We dropped from 75 to 60GH/s and it rised again. Caused by the hashrate drop, the PPLNS queue was trimmed. That can cause the RoundShare to drop depending on how your shares are distributet. A 4x change seems rough, I’ll look into the numbers. :+1:


Can you define these terms for me. I’m trying to understand the calculation.

Network difficulty is easy: usually around 3 P as stated on the home page.
What is pool difficulty and Loyalty?



What happens if I changed wallets and then we got a short block, does that interfere with how the loyalty shares for the short block are calculated?

Edit: I received a payment at the old wallet address as well, it seems it does calculate shares off the historical wallet address and pays to address accordingly(?)


Maybe the rig IP address plays a part? Although this would not work out well for those that don’t have static addresses from their ISP.


It appears to be based off the wallet address, at least from the evidence of the size of the payout I received and which wallet the payout went to.


Sorry to be the squeaky wheel here, I’m looking at my round share % after more than 24 continuous mining and for the 400MH/s contributed, I’m seeing ~0.42% share. Granted, this depends on the pools total hashrate, and I ran these:

400/50,000 = 0.0080 = 0.80% round share
400/60,000 = 0.0067 = 0.67% round share
400/70,000 = 0.0057 = 0.57% round share

Am I missing some other factor? Or was the pool hashrate much higher 36 hours ago?


PPLNS is always changing and the current trend is to complain about all the blocks we are finding, or haven’t you heard?


Sometimes sarcasm is fun but this time I’m looking for a legitimate answer.

I don’t see how “PPLNS always changing” answers the question. Given a 24hr+ window of time I should be at peak loyalty, then calculating my hashrate vs pool hashrate should give me my round share (see discrepancy and examples above).

Edit: Unless the assumption that it takes 24 hours for a full ramp is not correct? Does it take 2x, 3x longer?


I’ve been under the assumption it is 24 hour ramp up, but nowhere is it written in stone.


Not sure man. My 24 hour hash rate is 370 and my round share is 0.64%. 370 / 50000 * 100 = 0.74%. Last block, I got 0.01985535 payment which is 0.634% of the last block. This isn’t factoring in any fees and also I think the total hash rate was closer to 55 ghs for the pool at the time plus the fact that my 24 hour hash rate has been below that a little bit for a while due to some minor machine issues


Yeah, just trying to see if I have something wrong :confused:


I will say this though. The pool hash rate lately has mostly been fluctuating between 50 to 55 ghs over the last while but the round share percentage shown on my account page has slowly been rising regardless.

Edit: I guess what I’m trying to say is it seems the system is doing as it’s intended. I did have some minor down time on one of my machines, so it just takes a while for the average to reach its spot again. How long was your machine down again?


It’s been running above 350MH/s for a week, 400MH/s for the last 36 hours

24hr average reported on my page is 400MH/s with a round share of 0.49%. It has been slowly creeping up since the pools total hashrate has dropped but it seems I’m still off by 0.1%?