[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


And if you want some other great faces from the past…


She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…Hey just did manual calculation and we should be getting a block every 2.99 days. Hang in there Hay Day is Coming!!





It’s a block! On ETH! HUZZAH.


Finally the drought is over…


Congrats on the block everyone! May RNGsus grant us a good luck streak.


Sweet mother of god!!


Woohooo!!!num num num


Whoop! whoop! Finially


Ladies and gentlemen, we done it!


ETH pool is down for about 6 hours


ALL pools have been down for more than 6 hours


ETH and ETC were both down. I couldn’t even ping anorak.tech


@Anorak Hello mate. I know you guys are testing the pools; so its better to have some kind of issues right now than to have them later. You just had 6+hours of downtime, which is painful to everyone. Being said that, i would like to suggest you some things:

-You should separate anorak.tech domain/site server from the mining pools. It seems that you are messing with the pools and something is crashing your entire domain. So, isolating single points of failure would be good.
-You can jump in the Ubiq discord and discuss with the pool operators, most of them are friendly and helpful.

These are my suggestions. I hope you guys fix (and learn from) the issues. Cheers!


Thanks mate. :heart:

  • The forums are in fact separated from the pools, it’ just the DNS / Loadbalancer which fiddles them together
  • I don’t mess with the pools before I’ve run in depth tests on the hidden dev-pool
  • Expected downtime is communicated beforehand

The downtime was caused by my host (again) which was messing with new default firewall presets. :poop:
After contacting the support, I was informed that the server blackscreened and was restarted. Which is doubtful as my “still alive?”-bot was running all the tim until the reboot.

I am very happy with the Hetzner hardware, network and prices. But that does not help us if some nOOb is flicking switches he is not supposed to touch. :joy:

Right now I am communicating with my host to find a proper solution to maintain 99,99% uptime.


Not at all. Check your dates - last block found here was 4/29. Issues were on 4/30. (Eastern US times)


Thanks! Sorry i misunderstood another post when it went down. O P Deleted and the pool is running amazing with stats always refreshing efficiently. Claymore 11.7 working perfect. Thanks for the Pool!


Anyone else having trouble staying connected on ETC? I keep getting socket was closed remotely (by pool). Fail over is connecting to other pools no problem.


Only happened once in the last few days on the ETH pool. Shit happens sometimes.


Hello Again @Anorak and the fellow miners. I can confirm these random disconnections from the pool. At first i thought it was my ISP, but i happen to have some more rigs mining on other pools with no issues at all. Just to let you know guys. It’s getting annoying just right now, every 5-10 mins my 2 rigs disconnects from Anorak pool (Ubiq). It seems to be intermittent connection pool’s side because i have Failover enabled at another port (same Anorak’s pool) and it connects fine, but it drops again the connection a while later.


We got a block, boys and girls. 119 variance this time. May the luck streaks return and blocks fill our bellies.