[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


Will it go to Nicehash though?

Or will it be paid to whoever rented the hashing power?

(Hint: The latter–Nicehash gets a small percentage of whatever the miner paid for the mining power, but they get the same amount whether the miner gets any reward or not.)

I’ll go out on a limb here and say I’d rather get 0.17% of one block than even 99% of zero blocks.


Well guess what, I paid 3 ETH for 8 hours of 60ghs of hashrate to pull down this stuck ETH block. :joy:

It’s about to run out soon, so I hope we pull that block.


Jup. That’s my plan. :+1:


Oh snap! How much time is left on it?


Not quite sure, but like maybe like 30 minutes or so.


In NiceHash, block reward goes to the person that rented the hash power, not NiceHash. They got their “reward” from the rental.


Thanks to this crummy Block the income here doesn’t even pay the power for the rigs. @Anorak, I know your heart is in the right place but, the “force” appears to be against us at the moment.


Ok so someone took the risk but if you take the full picture:
Someone took the risk to pay for hashrate to Nicehash to find that bloody block (I feel sorry for Anorak if that runs out without success) but finally if you see only the numbers:
Anorak paid 3ETH and will get 1,5 - 2 ETH in return. but if we are lucky we will find 3-4 block till that expires
If it goes wrong Anorak will loose 1 ETH on this and all the other long term miner with the decreased round share will have lower payment.

to gallifreyan
we always talk about long term because mining is related to luck and is about long term pay back, actually what I see now that one big investment in Nicehash ruined the long term theory…

I am not compaining but would like to have your opinion about situation as I also considered to buy some hashpower yesterday but didnt take the risk


In case anyone is wondering, the “share count” displays for ETH pool will be back in an hour or so.

If your lines are green and the “last share” timer is updating, you should be okay. This does not impact mining, or eventual crediting for work submitted, and it does not affect PIRL, UBIQ, or ETC.


So here’s my opinion based on my experience. I’m not speaking for the pool here of course.

  1. if we find the next block in the “current” 76800 PPLNS queue length, Anorak will get a proportionate share of the reward based on his investment. Considering he’s run the pool for 13 days with absolutely zero revenue from pool fees, that’s reasonable.
  2. Given that the pool PPLNS queue length is only 76800 for “stress-test” week, miners who continue to mine will see their round shares return to normal fairly soon. And when 76800 queue entries have passed after the 60GH rental finished, Anorak will see no benefit at all from his substantial investment, and the impact of the rental will subside within a day or two.
  3. If we do find a block, it should make everyone happy and reset the panic factor over long times between blocks.
  4. The large rental did not “ruined the long term theory” since the PPLNS queue was already reduced to improve people’s chances to earn rewards this week. An exception does not discount the rule. Even two exceptions (the large rental and the reduced queue length) do not discount the rule, even if Casper goes into effect in the next 48 hours (which it probably won’t).


Thanks for trying to help, @Anorak


Huh give me some time to understand fully and make it simple:
PPLNS reward scheme means that block reward shared based on number of valid shares (as usual)
PPLNS considers only the number of shares set as queue length now it is 76800
Pls confirm if Im right.

Taking all these into account gives me another aspect and thanks for clarification.
And thanks Anorak


Well, at least his hash pushed us a good deal closer to the block.


Hei guys, first, thank you so much! :blush:

To see all of you thinking about all situations on this pool from different perspectives helps me big time to keep my enthusiasm about this project! Also I get new ideas and solutions for the pool while reading through your comments. :kissing_heart:

Second, I was planning to use my reward (if we had found the block) as a “unexpected happy bounty” for all workers. :cake:

Keep it up guys! We are going to crack this block, and some lucky streaks are due to take place. :yum:


Now I think we deserve 3 blocks in a line below 20% round variance


We deserve 42 blocks in a row. :joy:


ETH pool needs a little off the ETC pools luck 5 blocks in 1 1/2 hour’s


If it wasn’t for Bad Luck we’d have No Luck at all.


My second rig is up and running again with the new PSU, the one I got from ebay seems to be pretty good. 12 AWG power cable to 16 AWG power 6 pin PCI-E.

Will see how long this would last, the old PSU lasted for 6 months…