[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


Added -allpools 0 to my claymore flags on ethos, lets see if his shares mine here. Every share helps, could be the dev fee share that is the next block…


Hey @keisan. I think this would do the trick for what you are trying to support. Like @cranor said if you don’t mind the extra noise. But I have used these with the Antminers I have had and they worked great. This would provide 1000 Watts of power. You can also do the 750 Watt power supplies that HP uses.


Hey @Skip606. To use a power supply without a Mobo you would use a plug like this one.


Yep, it is simply a strap between ground and power on pins.
Cheapest and faster to find solution : I use a folded wire to make it thicker when I need to test a PSU


And if your power supply doesn’t have its own power switch (or if it’s inconvenient to reach in your rig) you can get one of these with a lighted switch. I use one of these on one of my rigs, with the BIOS set to “ALWAYS ON” upon power restoration.


I get this :

00:55:55:938 5b8 buf: {“id”:3,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:0,“message”:“Work not ready”}}
00:55:55:938 5b8 ETH: Received error: {“id”:3,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:0,“message”:“Worknotready”}}
00:55:55:938 5b8 Socket was closed remotely (by pool)

00:55:56:970 5b8 ETH: Stratum - Connected (eth.anorak.tech:8004) (unsecure)
00:55:57:017 5b8 buf: {“id”:2,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:true}
00:55:57:017 5b8 ETH: Authorized
00:55:57:017 5b8 sent: {“worker”: “”, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “params”: [], “id”: 3, “method”: “eth_getWork”}

00:55:57:048 5b8 buf: {“id”:3,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:[“0x99f24eb4f23b2aeea3e6a43b336ebe0dd9a084e8c0cbe18f18da17742a0b19fc”,“0x3ffd591ffcc97fb5e4150c521510e446bb11563ff632ea15845332648cabc086”,“0x0112e0be826d694b2e62d01511f12a6061fbaec8bc02357593e70e52ba”]}

00:55:57:079 5b8 Socket was closed remotely (by pool)
00:55:57:079 5b8 ETH: Connection lost, retry in 1 sec…
00:55:58:095 5b8 ETH: Stratum - connecting to ‘eth.anorak.tech’ <> port 8004 (unsecure)
00:55:58:126 5b8 sent: {“worker”: “RIG1”, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “params”: [“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “”], “id”: 2, “method”: “eth_submitLogin”}

00:55:58:126 5b8 ETH: Stratum - Connected (eth.anorak.tech:8004) (unsecure)
00:55:58:157 5b8 buf: {“id”:2,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:true}

00:55:58:157 5b8 ETH: Authorized
00:55:58:157 5b8 sent: {“worker”: “”, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “params”: [], “id”: 3, “method”: “eth_getWork”}

00:55:58:189 5b8 Socket was closed remotely (by pool)
00:55:58:189 5b8 ETH: Job timeout, disconnect, retry in 1 sec…

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Thanks for the info guys :grin:


I’m having the same problem. I’m getting a “socket was closed remotely” error on one of my rigs, but the rig right next to it is having no problem. Last share has now been over 5 hours.


I had that problem last night on etc 8022 changed to 8024 started working.


Well, damn. I won’t be home until tomorrow.
Any suggestions on a remote way to work on a rig? I’m planning on moving these out of the country to a family member’s where electricity is a bit cheaper. The drive round trip is about 7 hours, and I’d rather not try to walk someone over the phone if something happens.


Yes you can… there are a bunch of ways to control remotely depending on what kind of operating system you are using.


Using VPN to access my home network, I control my rigs with VNC (Windows rig) and SSH (linux rig).
The hardware failure part is handle by a USB watchdog dongle from eBay (talked about it on an other topic)


This guy has a round share and hashrate that doesn’t match the share distribution graphic.



Yeah, I’ve been staring at that guy for the last hour wondering what was going on.


Thanks for this! Just got vcn set up and changed the port.


Be careful using VNC through the internet… I once a few years back was hacked… Use strong password and user name. also if possible change both the control port and the user ports.


That extra hash will be good to get us through this block, taking up a bulk of the round share, sure, but the more hash, the quicker the blocks come. When I first started in this pool we had about 60 M and we were having a few multi block days. As with luck, we are currently in an epic down tic!
Here blockie blockie


I’m rather disapointed due to extra hash as the bigger portion of 3.0 ETH coming from next block will be paid to Nicehash rather than share between long term miners, my round share decreased and now the expected payment really below expectations…


True, but someone is spending their money for that hash. I have rented a few times, it is a risk. Your money can run out before a block is hit. I just want this next block gone, take us back to a lucky streak


Here’s what I put in claymore/win10 -allpools 0