[Anorak.Tech] ETH Mining Pool - Month 3.0!


Sooo close to breaking this block! I can feel it!


Here blockie blockie!


Hashrate is up 70%
We are 70% faster to breaking the next 20 blocks this week :heart_eyes_cat:


My prediction is we get 2 blocks in 3 days. I haz the clairvoyance!


I think we get 3 blocks in 2 days. Hopefully those two days will be this month :slight_smile:


haaa share going to dev fee DevFee from anorak pool!! : ETH: 04/24/18-19:08:39 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 0)
ETH: Share accepted (203 ms)!


:frowning_face: one of my rigs power supply fried it self. I’m down one rig, will have to wait 4 days for a new power supply to be delivered.
Waking up to a smell of electrical burning.


I’m going to give another try to getting ethos to do this.


When you figure it out, let me know. Best to keep the mining in the pool


I just watched a YouTube video by sonofatech about rigs catching fire / burning up. It had some useful info in it. Here’s the link if you’re interested.


Don’t understand this… Does it mean that you also decided to remove -allpools 1 ?


interesting, but the power supply cables are all 6 pin power that burnt out. I don’t have any molex pci-e adapter cables though.
My other rig had a few blown pci-e molex before.


It’s a chinese PSU right ?
I am almost sure that :

  • the copper diameter doesn’t match the AWG mentionned on the cable
  • or the AWG value is misschosen for the current going through the cable
  • and that the plastic around the copper is not enough resistant to heat and/or doesn’t dissipate heat correctly.

Last possibility, your GPU draws much more current than the max supported by each cable of your PSU ?


Yeah, its the PSU that came with the 8 GPU case.

Anyways, I bought a new PSU from ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2000W-95-ATX-Mining-Power-Supply-PFC-For-ETH-Rig-Ethereum-Miner-S9-S7-L3-D3-AU/292424762689?epid=25013769637&hash=item4415dfc541:g:PncAAOSwSwVaco6v


Or it could be the ants that shipped with the power supply finally got through the cladding inside the power supply. :slight_smile:


Branded PSU are more expensive but that’s what I recommend.
I have one coolermaster V1000 and a EVGA GQ750 and they are good.
On the first one I run 6x RX570. The rig draws 750W at wall.
The second one is powering 1x RX570 + 2x RX470 + 1xRX560 and draws 550W at wall.

For higher power, if fan noise is not a problem (can be really loud) I would suggest server PSU based solutions (HP for e.g.). Most of them have better power efficiency (>=95%).


I agree with you, but I need a PSU with alot of 6 pin connectors and for cheap urgently. Also I don’t want to run 2 PSU. My other rig is running 2 PSU (1200W Silverstone + 800W Thermaltake).


I’m an idiot, but I gotta ask…how do you use that power supply without using a 2 psu connection or connection to the mobo? Just power fans and pci rider? Or will the computer regulate the power usage via the USB connection to the pci riser?


You may consider getting this kind of “auto” extinguisher : https://www.amazon.com/Extinguisher-Suppression-Device-Safety-Product/dp/B01JVXFQ6E :slight_smile: (and a ant killer spray :stuck_out_tongue: )


I see someone has added some big guns to the pool…
Here blockie blockie :bomb: